Baluster vs Balustrade – What’s the difference?

If you’re constructing a deck or any type of raised platform then you’re going to need a balustrade. However, as soon as you start talking to professionals about balustrades you may start to hear the term ‘balustrades’. At first you’d be forgiven for thinking they are the same thing, but they are not!

One thing is certain, if you’re in the market for balustrades then you should consider using an experienced and reputable supplier of balustrades Sydney, this will ensure you get a high-quality product and one that does the job you want it to.

Understanding the baluster

If you choose or design a balustrade then you’ll know there are several parts involved. You’ll need rails at the top and bottom that hold the entire balustrade together, you’ll also need posts evenly spaced between the top and bottom rails. These help to provide structure, rigidity, strength and protect you and your loved ones from falling through the balustrade.

The upright posts can be simple pieces of wood, they can be ornate wood, or they can even be created from stone in intricate detail. These upright supporting posts are the balusters, they are simply a part of the balustrade.

It doesn’t matter if the balustrade is inside or outside, the design and the name of the structures, remain the same.

So, you can have a baluster without a balustrade, although it will effectively just be a post. But, you can’t have a balustrade without a baluster.

Baluster Options

There is a virtually unlimited range of choices when looking at balusters. You’ll need to choose the material first, metal, concrete, wood, or even glass balustrades in Sydney. You can then create the supporting frame and create the balustrade.

Each of these materials can be shaped to create a unique design, allowing you to have an individual balustrade that matches the style of your home and the intended use.

You can opt for a complex, ornamental style, or stick to a more traditional, streamlined look. But, don’t forget to consider where your balustrade is going. The more complex the balusters the harder it will be to keep clean and in the best possible condition.

You’ll also need to consider the ease of fitting when it comes to the balusters and balustrades. Concrete options are extremely heavy and will need to be made in situ. It’s unlikely you’ll ever take them apart or move them. In contrast, a wood balustrade can be made in sections and put together in location, allowing you to create a wide variety of designs.

It’s worth noting that all types of balustrades, provided they are constructed properly, will offer proper support and protection to people using the raised platform.

Balusters and balustrades exist everywhere, they’ve been in existence for hundreds of years and are likely to remain a key part of any structure in the future.

That’s why it’s so important that you choose a design you like, as well as one that does the job properly.