Barbara Acklin


The R&B legend was born…

Barbara Acklin a renowned singer and songwriter in the early years of her career were well known for her hit single “Love Makes a Woman.” She was born in Oakland, California to the parents of Herman and Hazel Acklin. Like most young people of her era, she started her music career by singing hymns in her hometown church.

Ambitions to be a recording artist, and stardom via “Love Makes a Woman”

When she was older, she played in nightclubs and discos while attending the University of Chicago in Dunbar, Illinois.

After graduation, she started a career as a secretary at a record label company owned and operated by her cousin, producer, and saxophonist, Monk Higgins. After a short time, she became a receptionist for Brunswick Records. She had a lot of drive and used it to be recorded. Carl Davis the head of the studio could see her talent and did record her first hit which was the R&B single, “Love Makes a Woman” in the late 1960’s.

Some of Barbara Acklin’s other hits

Later that year she cut a hit single with Gene Chandler called “Show me the Way to Go.” These duets help to launch her career. She kept recording with Brunswick Record until 1974 when she switched to Capitol Records in 1974. This was not the right career move for her since that time her musical talents began to wane. She had started to fade out into obscurity with her last hit “Raindrops.” Barbara really had a lot of talent but no one actually promote her music.

She did some background work for The Chi-Lites singing the vocals for the artists help to launch some of her single recordings. She wrote such famous hits as “Have You Seen Her,” and “Whispers (Getting Louder)” which can be added to her credit.

Acklin’s later life and career, and her legacy

She moved in to Nebraska for her retirement and decided not to work in the musical business. She had released six albums with her greatest hits being released in 2002 after her death. She made the charts with her hit “Love Makes a Woman” which had been released in 1968. Barbara Acklin passed away in 1998 without knowing about her latest album release.

She had made 12 songs that broke the top 100 on the R&B charts, which is a great musical achievement to add to her credit. She will be greatly missed and always remembered for her ability to push hard until she was able to succeed as a songwriter and singer.

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