Basic Beauty Guide: Must-Have Eye Make-up Products for Everyone


From subtle to intense look, Eye Make-up adds an oomph factor to the face snatching all the attention. As beauty lovers, we always look out for make-up tutorials on the internet but the ground reality of make-up is about developing your make-up style. Especially experimenting with eye make-up is all about exploring your creative mind and unleashing new looks every time. To play with versatile make-up looks, you don’t need to invest in miscellaneous make-up products. A handful of basic Eye-make-up Products are all you need for a complete beauty book. Keep reading to find out what to buy for your everyday eye make-up look.

Eye Make-Up Products to Have

Basic Beauty Guide Must-Have Eye Make-up Products for Everyone 1


Kajal is every Indian girl’s favorite make-up product and today we are going to spill the beans about accentuating the make-up with one swipe of kohl. You can define your eyes with Kajal in different ways. Wish to underline the waterline area or draw winged and cat-eye look on the upper lashes, this black beauty does everything. Apart from basic black, you can also experiment with other colors to tweak your usual eye look. They are affordable and substantial make-up that can easily be found in a girl’s bag.


Another beauty basic that can be found in every girl’s vanity is Eyeliner. From basic Eyeliner Pen to Liquid Eyeliner, this product does so much more just lining the eyes. Eyeliner always proves helpful in discovering different eye looks. For the ones starting with the basics of make-up, Eyeliner with a pointed tip and comfortable grip helps in drawing precise lines. You can give a new look to your eyes by drawing the finest of lines on eyelids as well as below the waterline. A simple stroke near the eye-corner to a fully-fledged thick winged look, eyeliner is the best pick!

Eye Make-Up Brush

Smokey eye look, perfect wings, and drawing spectrum of Eyeshadow colors on the eyelid area, all these trends need practice but with the right Eye Make-Brush. When you invest in color cosmetics, simultaneously stock up essential make-up tools for easy application of eye make-up! Whether you want to slay a defined eyeliner look or cut crease eye shadow color, make-up brushes lets you touch every aspect of make-up and legit deserve a permanent place in the make-up kit.


Every eye make-up lover wants her eyelashes to look voluminous and thick. Perhaps that’s you need is Volumizing Mascara in your make-up pouch to give your lashes a lovely lift. Go for jet black Mascara that evenly coats the lashes from roots to the tips and defines them like anything. To want that extra dose of flutter, coat the lashes with Mascara and flaunt the curled and fuller-looking lashes. For creating an illusion of feather lashes, coat the lower and upper lashes both.

Complementary Eyeshadow Palette

There’s no end to experimenting with the eye make-up looks and complementary shades of Eye Shadow Palette will make your eyes pop. From multi-colored Eyeshadow palettes to neutral shades, colored eyelids being paired together does justice to all types of looks you wish to carry. Simply pick your favorite color that matches your skin tone and blend it evenly on the crease area of the eyes using an Eye Shadow Brush.

If you have recently switched your interest to make-up, these basic beauty products are a must-have for everyone.





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