Basic Things to Prep Your RV for a Long Drive


Going on a long RV trip can be very exciting and fun if you are well-prepared. It is an amazing adventure that you can go on by yourself or with family and friends. Usually, if your RV trip is short, you can prepare the basics, take a carry-on bag full of clothes, and call it a day. However, longer trips require serious preparation, especially if you do not want to be spending a lot of money on the road for things that could have been avoided with simple, yet, thorough preparation. Lucky for you, not only will you find a list of the items and tasks you need to do before your trip here, but you will also find details and reasons why each item is of importance.

Make Sure that the Generator Works

When you are on the road in an RV, chances are, you will be using your RV as your accommodation. This is why you will need to check if the generator you have for your RV is in good condition or not. If you do not have a generator that can survive a long trip, then you might want to think about replacing it with a more durable one. Remember that your generator needs to be able to power your appliances as well as provide lighting for you when it is dark outside. There are different types of generators out there that you can choose from, but generally speaking, you should lean towards diesel-fueled generators, and it would be practical to get a multi-phased one if you want to get a durable generator. This is going to ensure that even if one of the phases is not correctly working, the generator can still power your appliances until you get a professional to check the issue.  Check out these popular rv generators for great options.

Check Appliances

If your appliances are brand new, then you won’t be needing to check them. Still, if you have had them for a while, or if you are renting the RV with the appliances included, then you will need to find out if they are working properly. You need to make sure that nothing needs to be replaced before you are out on the road with limited to no places to buy appliances from. Some of the appliances that are higher in priority are the refrigerator, stove, washing machine, and microwave.

Peruse Storage Space

Depending on how long your trip is going to be, you will need plenty of storage space for your belongings. As mentioned above, a carry-on bag or duffel full of your belongings won’t cut it if you are planning to spend a considerable amount of time on the road. Before going on the trip, find out how much space you have so that you can pack accordingly. Remember that you should not overcrowd your RV because you want to be able to move around freely and it is already going to feel cramped because of the furniture inside

Add a TV

While most of the time, you will be busy enjoying different sites, having a television in your RV is going to help you and your family stave off boredom whenever it strikes. For example, you can have a movie on while you are driving, especially if your destination is a long way off. You can also take your gaming console with you so that you can play your favorite games. RVing does not mean that you have to completely let go of technology unless of course, that is your wish.

Check Tires and Replace If Needed

This is an important safety measure that should never be taken lightly, no matter what vehicle you are traveling with. You need to check if your tires are going to handle being used for an extended amount of time, or the tread is completely worn out. If you need your tires to be replaced, Call of the Open Road blog explains that you need to choose your new tires based on your circumstances. There are also some basic, yet, important features that you will need in your RV tires.

Bed covers and Blankets

If your RV has a bed, then you will need to get some linens to sleep on. Before going out on the road, make sure that you have enough bedcovers and at least a blanket or two in case you get cold. Try to at least take two-bed covers with you, so that you can use them interchangeably while on the road. You can use one while the other is being washed and dried and vice-versa. Don’t forget to get pillowcases as well.

Comfortable Pillows

No one wants to have a crick in their neck when they wake up. Not to mention that people have a hard time going to sleep in the first place if their pillow is not comfortable. Each person has a preference when it comes to pillows. Some people enjoy sleeping on soft and feathery pillows, while others like more support. Before going on a long RV trip, make sure that you are satisfied with the state of your pillow and that it won’t cause you discomfort while sleeping.


Usually, an RV will have some sort of seating arrangement, a table, and sometimes a bed, as mentioned above. Before driving, you need to make sure that your furniture is in good shape as well as pinned in place and not going to move around while you are driving; otherwise, it could be dangerous for you and anyone you are traveling with. Not to mention that if your things shift around, you will have a mess to clean up every time you go from one place to another, which can be tedious.

Cutlery, Cups, and Plates

While eating out is a viable option when on the road, it can get repetitive and unhealthy to eat junk food for the entire length of your trip. To ensure that you can eat food properly, you need to pack cutlery, a couple of mugs and cups for beverages, and of course, plates. You do not have to get fancy with your eating utensils, but you should look for durable and reusable ones to ensure that they can last for a long time. While it is easier to get disposable cups, plates, and cutlery supplies, it is not the best option for the environment, and it can be dangerous for your health if you put hot food or drinks on anything made out of disposable plastic.

Cooking Utensils

If you plan on cooking, even if you are making simple meals, you will need some basic cooking utensils onboard your RV. Some of the tools you might want to take with you include pots and pans, a couple of mixing bowls, and a cutting board. You will also need knives, a spatula, and a wooden spoon or two so that you can stir and cook the food well.

Fishing and Hunting Gear

When going on an RV trip, people usually set time aside for camping, hunting, or fishing. If you want to go fishing or hunting at some point during your trip, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary supplies. Fishing supplies can be as simple as a rod and some bait, but if you want to be well-prepared, you will also need to get a cooler, lures, and a journal to document your progress. If you enjoy hunting more, then you will need to have your hunting license on hand, as well as a knife, your chosen hunting tool, and a durable backpack to put all of your supplies in.

Camping Gear

Even if your RV has a bed, sometimes you might want to rough it out and sleep in a tent, especially if you are going to be staying at a campground that does not allow RVs in. This is why it is important to be ready with the required camping gear. When packing, make sure to include a tent, a fire-starting kit, a lantern, and your sleeping bag so that you can comfortably rest before going back on the road.

Cleaning Supplies

You do not want to be living in a dump while on the road. To keep your RV as neat and clean as possible, do not forget to pack different cleaning supplies before going on the road. They are going to be a lifesaver, especially if you plan on staying more than a day on the road. Don’t forget to pack gloves and sponges so that you can properly clean your RV.

Shade Cover

Chances are when you park your RV; you will want to go outside for some fresh air. To avoid the harmful rays of the sun and enjoy some shade, make sure that your RV’s shade cover is working properly. Some RVs have automatic shade covers that you can move into place by pressing a button while others need to be set up manually. In either case, you need to be familiar with how to make it work so that you do not spend hours trying to get it into place in the searing sun.

Shade Cover

A Waterproof Tarp

If there is a chance that it might rain, or you are unsure of weather conditions where you are going, you need to include a waterproof tarp in your packing list. It is going to protect your belongings from different elements and can be very helpful in a pinch.

Devices and Chargers

Whether you plan on working while on your trip, or not, you need to make sure that you have any devices you might need on hand. For example, you might need your laptop to check out different campgrounds and make reservations, and you will definitely need your phone on you at all times. Remember to pack the chargers of the electronics you are getting with you. It would be very frustrating if you packed your laptop and when you needed to use it, you couldn’t because you forgot to pack its charger.

Enough Clothing and Washing Supplies

Unlike short trips, you will need to get plenty of outfits if you’re planning for a lengthy RV trip. Make sure that you have enough clothing, and pack different washing supplies such as soap and fabric softener so that you can wear outfits without having to worry about stains. As mentioned above, one of the appliances you will find on an RV is a washing machine, but if there isn’t one, make sure that you have a soap that you can use to wash your clothes by hand.

Check Engine

Before going out on the road, have a checkup done on your engine to make sure that it is in good condition. You also need to check engine fluids and refill them as necessary. It is essential that you do so because driving with old oil or without enough cooling fluid can cause your engine to overheat and sometimes it can lead to your engine needing to be replaced altogether.

Check Water System

You need to check on the water system in your RV so that you are certain that you can use the water for different activities such as showering, washing your clothes, and cooking. Make sure to add potable water and that you have a high-quality filter so that you can use your water without having to worry about getting sick.

Plan Your Route

One of the most important preparation steps, when you want to go on a trip or RV drive, is planning your route. You need to find out what destinations you want to stop at, and which roads you will be traveling on. With the use of technology, this has become quite easy to do, and you can even find out information about the best rest stops to go to and if there are any sites that you would want to stop at during your trip.

If possible, you need to make any reservations ahead of time. This is especially smart to do during camping and hunting seasons because you might end up not finding a place to stay in due to crowding.

Using this diversified and inclusive checklist, you will be well-prepared for your RV drive. You can adjust the list to accommodate the length of your trip and the number of people with you on the trip, but these are the basics you need to go through whenever you want to go on a long drive with your RV. During your drive, you won’t have to worry about anything because you have everything you will ever need on hand. 

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