Basic Ways to Feed Your Adorable Cats at Home


Until you actually become a cat parent, you never truly realize what a unique relationship it can be. Dogs aim to please, they are our best friends, not the other way around. Not so with our feline friends. They tend to be the boss while we somehow assume the role of the pet. This is especially true in regards to kitty feeding times and the rituals that go along with it. If the food, the setup, heck, even the ambience, isn’t up to their liking, many cats will turn their whiskers up. Cats are very much individuals, and no two are the same, but most need structure in every aspect of their 9 lives. Finding the correct way to feed your cat is crucial. Here, we are going to discuss the most popular feeding methods, and which one will best fit your favorite furballs lifestyle.


Free-feeding means leaving complete access to food (typically dry) at all times, allowing your kitty to eat when, and how much, he wants. While it has many benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Obesity is prevalent in indoor cats. Overeating is common too. It is quite easy for your cats’ weight to get out of control before you even realize it’s happening. And, weight is always easier to gain than to lose.

Scheduled Feeding

Scheduled feedings (also known as portion-controlled feeding) are another good option. Obviously, this would be when you feed your cat at the same time every day. This works well if you have a somewhat set schedule or are at home throughout the day, as you’ll need to feed them around the same time, every time. Cats do not care for anyone messing with chow time.


While hand-feeding can be a great bonding activity, it’s not very practical. Being at your kitty’s beck and call can get a bit difficult, especially if you have to work to feed said cats. If your cat is ill, recovering from surgery, or something equally traumatizing, then, by all means, hand-feed them back to health. Otherwise, you may want to consider a feeding option that is a little more sensible.

Automatic Feeders

One of the very best ways to feed your cat is by using an automatic feeder. They have numerous benefits such as preventing overeating, and no more early morning wake-ups. Whether you are at work, or on a short trip, this nifty little machine takes care of mealtimes by automatically feed your cat. They can typically store dry food (not recommended for wet), and will only release the meals when the timer says to. You will have much more control over when and how much your kitty is eating. This is a major plus for those chunky cats who just can’t help themselves.

It is true that some cats, no matter what you do, will make up their kitty minds, and there is nothing we can do to change it. However, if your cat initially seems disinterested in his new feeder, give it some time. The design will likely end up intriguing them, as the majority of felines cannot resist a new puzzle, not to mention the added layer of independence. Having a set routine will also help wear down his reservations. No more kitty treadmill needed, no more missing meals, no more hungry kitty waking you up before sunrise. Boom. Everyone is happy! Paw-sitively cat-tastic.

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