Basketball Hoop Basics and Buying Guide


You can’t play basketball without a hoop.

Fortunately, these days, many manufacturers are producing top-notch basketball systems of different kinds to let you play in your driveway or backyard.

You can even play basketball in your room and also in the swimming pool.

Different brands are releasing basketball systems for different ages and levels of players too.

In this article, I’m going to discuss every essential of a basketball hoop with a buying guide.

It will undoubtedly help you understand different basketball hoop types and the crucial factors you should consider before buying a basketball goal.

Let’s dive right in.

Basketball Hoop Types

Currently, you will find these six types of basketball hoops in most of the online and offline stores –

  • Portable basketball hoop.

  • In-ground basketball system.

  • Wall-mount basketball goal.

  • Basketball hoop for toddlers.

  • Poolside basketball hoop.

  • Trampoline with a basketball hoop.

Portable Basketball Hoop

Portable basketball hoops are the most popular type of basketball system so far.

As anyone can easily transport the system anywhere they want for playing or storing; many people search for a movable basketball hoop for driveway or backyard playing.

All the portable systems have wheels underneath the base that help to move them around comfortably. You can fill the base with either sands or water to make it sturdy.

Installing a portable hoop is not an uphill task. However, it takes time. If you are not confident enough, you can always hire some professionals to do the installation for you.

All the portable systems feature a height-adjustment mechanism where you can adjust the hoop height from 7.5’ to 10’ in 6” increment. This lets them be usable for both kids and adults.

Here are the core components a portable basketball hoop boasts –

  • Backboard.

  • Rim.

  • Support pole.

  • Height-adjustment system.

  • Base.

  • Wheels.

In-ground Basketball System

Unlike the portable system, you can’t move an in-ground basketball system.

Sometimes it’s called a permanent basketball hoop as it’s installed in the ground permanently.

The upside is, a permanent goal is more stable than its portable counterpart.

Conversely, the downside is you can’t store it or move it at any convenient place after installation.

As it gives the highest degree of stability, it’s not prone to tip over and causes injuries.

When it’s about aggressive playing with frequent dunking, an in-ground system delivers the best amongst the other forms of hoops.

A permanent hoop doesn’t have any base and wheels underneath. Otherwise, all the other components are similar to the portable system.

Here is the list of components an in-ground system features –

  • Backboard.

  • Rim.

  • Support pole.

  • Height-adjustment system.

Most of the high-end system features protective rubber too.

Wall-mount Basketball Goal

The Wall-mount basketball system is the smallest form of a basketball hoop. It consists of the backboard, the rim, and the height-adjustment mechanism.

Needless to say, these are not meant to play outdoors. A wall-mount system is only suitable for playing in the garage, in the office, or the room.

When you have space limitation but still want to put the ball into the net, this is the best bet for you.

Basketball Hoop for Toddlers

While you can buy either a portable basketball hoop or in-ground basketball hoop for kids, at the same time, keep in mind, they are not suitable for toddlers.

Luckily, nowadays, several brands are making dedicated basketball hoops for toddlers.

These goals are not made of the same materials as those made for kids, teenagers, or adults.

However, they own almost every component as the portable goals like base, height-adjustment mechanism, backboard, and rim.

All the toddlers’ hoops are made of high-quality plastic, and in most cases, you can fill the bases with sands or water.

Poolside Basketball Hoop

If you are planning to play basketball in the pool this summer, better search for a poolside basketball hoop.

The poolside goals are small in size and must be made of rust-free materials. Otherwise, it won’t last long as it has to come to water contact all the time.

In most cases, these hoops are powder-coated to ensure longevity.

A poolside hoop has all the necessary components like base, backboard, rim, pole, height-adjustment mechanism, etc.

Nonetheless, you will be able to adjust the height from 4’ to 7’ in most cases.

Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

Jumping on a trampoline is quite a pleasant experience.

Notably, kids love to jump on a trampoline more than anything they do.

Additionally, some trampolines offer a basketball hoop with a trampoline.

Nevertheless, these are not those typical forms of basketball goals.

These don’t have any strong pole, base, height-adjustment mechanism, etc.

Some trampoline features a high-quality and sturdy backboard, net, and a single-pole attached to the trampoline net. Conversely, some boast only a net.

Basketball Hoop Buying Guide

When you plan to buy a basketball system, decide on the type of playing and the age of players.

If you are planning to one to entertain a kid or toddler – go for either toddler’s hoop or trampoline hoop.

If you want to use it in your driveway or backyard for recreational or competitive playing, then go for either a portable basketball goal or an in-ground basketball system.

On the other hand, if playing in the swimming pool is your top-most priority, go for the poolside basketball goal.

For playing indoors, a wall-mount basketball system is the one you will want to buy.

The backboard of the hoop is made of different materials. To get the highest amount of rebound, you should choose a tempered glass backboard. To get the blend of bounce and durability, acrylic backboards are the best.

When choosing the portable basketball hoop, try to buy one with the base capacity of at least 40-gallon to get proper stability.

Final Words

I’m sure you are quite clear about different types of a basketball hoop, their components, and usability.

All these should help you buy the suitable option based on the age and level of the players, as well as space where you will play.

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