Bathroom Renovation: Making Your Bathroom Bigger


A vast, spacious bathroom provides numerous benefits, but it is not always possible unless you are planning a major renovation. You probably want two sinks, a separate tub and shower, and a decadent chaise lounge for the ultimate relaxation. Despite a small space, you can maximize the full potential of your bathroom without making it look cramped. Simply follow a few, effective solutions from Sleek Bathroom Renovations. Start transforming your small bathroom into a stylish lavatory with these tips.

It All Starts with Color

Did you know that wall colors have a huge impact on the impression of a small space? Of course, interior design comes down to your personal preferences, but a few tweaks can change the perception of the space. Ideally, soft and light hues can bring forth a spacious ambiance. White gives an airy feel and is a versatile and safe option. The best thing about white is that it complements most of the bathroom fixtures, including the sink, toilet, and tub. Alternatively, you can paint bathroom walls in beige, pastels, gray, and light green. Dark palettes can be overwhelming, so go for more neutral colors.

If possible, erase dividing lines between items because they tend to make a tiny bathroom look even smaller. Also, eliminate sharp contrasts between colors. So, make sure the wainscot has the same color as the wall. Similarly, paint the crown molding with the same shade as the walls and ceiling. If there is tiling ending halfway up the wall, extend it or remove it completely. Preferably, install white tiles so they can reflect light rather than absorb it.

Ditch the Curtain, Install Glass Shower Door

If you want to create a spacious bathroom, one of the first things you should do is remove the curtain. Replace it with a glass shower door to open up the area. If you cannot afford the glass door, your bathroom will still be great without a shower door. That way, you will have a shower cabin.

Another option, which may be a bit labor-intensive is installing a pocket door. A pocket door tucks into the wall, allowing more room for storage. You can always get another place to hang your towels.

Maintain a Low Profile

With technology and creativity, you can employ some space-saving solutions today. First, opt for wall-mounted vanity units and sanitary ware. These should make cleaning so much east and give your bathroom a lighter feel. Vanity with drawers or a linen closet will keep everything hidden. A floating vanity also does the trick in a tight bathroom. You will appreciate it better if it is close to the tub or toilet. Ensure the floating vanity is mounted to the wall to avoid a mess on the floor. It should have sufficient storage for toiletries and towels. You can place a basin or sleek accessories on top.

When shopping for a bathroom renovation, pick compact furnishings, e.g., a one-piece toilet, floating storage, and a pedestal sink. They will keep the floor less cluttered and safer. Plus, everything you need will be at arm’s length. Blocky bathtubs and hulking vanities create a claustrophobic atmosphere. If you must set up a tub, make sure it is a Japanese soaking tub to save square footage.

To stay more organized, choose closed storage instead of having beauty tubes and bottles lying on your counter-tops. Other space-saving ideas include designing a small cabinet above the toilet tank and recessed niches in the shower.

The Magic of Natural Light

Natural light is the best for any bathroom, especially a tiny one. Clean the windows and open the curtains to allow sunlight and breathtaking views. If your skylights are obscured by dirt, cobweb, and moss, clean them roof-side using a mild detergent, warm water, and scrub brush.

Remember to repair damaged curtains and blinds so they can open properly. If you want a permanent remedy, remodel your small bathroom with frosted privacy glass and say goodbye to clear glass windows.

Large Mirrors are a Winning Combo

Mirrors are invaluable as they reflect light into the room, giving an illusion of a larger bathroom. You don’t have to put a single lighting fixture as a centerpiece; set up several bulbs so that your mirror can reflect more light. In terms of mirror size, bigger is always better. Also, add two mirrors in every corner where two walls meet to form an L-shape. The design will bounce back the reflected light, giving an airier feel. Again, frame-less mirrors are the right way to go. You just need a coating with a high tarnish resistance to withstand wetness.

Go Minimal With Decors

It’s okay to minimize decorations in your bathroom’s interior design. Rugs and artwork are inviting but you will be dealing with clutter every day if you forget to organize them well. This doesn’t mean you cannot spruce up the bathroom. On special occasions, you may decorate the bathroom with favorite items. While at it, limit the idea to one piece per décor item. If it doesn’t have a functional value, find another place within the house to put it.

As you can see, adding a roomy illusion in a bathroom is not as hard. From choosing the correct color palette to keeping a low profile, you can have your room look twice as big. Minimalistic ideas create space without adding bulk. Use some or all of the above hacks to improve it.

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