Bathroom Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Need Right Now


One of the most used and under appreciated rooms in your house has to be the bathroom. While it is not a glamorous room or meant to be one to show off to your guests, a comfortable bathroom can make your house that much more valuable on the market. Not only can these upgrades make your bathroom experience that much better, but they can also help you save money and help to keep water and energy costs in your house down.

Here are some bathroom upgrades that you did not know you absolutely needed.

A two in one handheld shower

The shower is something that most people use every day in their lives either at night or in the morning. Studies have also shown that a large majority of people spend a long period of time in its thinking and enjoying the comfortable stream of water. When taking a look at people’s showers, though, most have a simple showerhead mounted to the wall. While this can get the job done, it can leave certain areas of your body unwashed, and can also just lead to a boring shower experience. One of the things you can look into is getting a two in one shower. These mount to the wall like a normal shower, but also have the ability to be pulled off of it and allow you to hold it in your hand. A handheld shower head will make your showers quick and easy, while also making you cleaner than you ever have been before. No more do you have to waste time waiting for water to reach all the places on your body. If you feel that certain spots have been neglected, simply take the showerhead off the mount and directly aim it wherever it needs to be aimed. With the correct water pressure, you can also use this as a means of a massage, helping to spray high pressure water in areas where there is muscle tightness. By upgrading your shower to a two in one, you can have the ultimate shower that you will enjoy.

Install a medicine cabinet

Most bathrooms do not have a medicine cabinet or a place to store your hygiene products. As a result, you will find yourself jumping in and out of the bathroom to grab the products you need, or your counter will be an absolute mess. By installing a medicine cabinet above your sink with a built in mirror, you will always have the products you need within arms reach while also having a mirror so you can see what you are doing along the way. The medicine cabinet can also be designed to fit the décor of the bathroom itself. Maybe you would like a nice antique wood finish, or you can go for a stainless steel look. Remember to ensure that the medicine cabinet has enough depth to allow you to store whatever you need. Get away from storing all of your hygiene and medical products under the sink with the pipes or in another room, get yourself a medicine cabinet to fit all of your bathroom storage needs.

A bathroom vent and fan

The bathroom is an area that collects the most moisture due to the sink, the toilet, and the shower and bathtub. If the moisture is not allowed to escape the room, it can seep into the walls and cause mold and a lot of water damage. Therefore, get a vent in the bathroom along with a fan to allow the moisture to circulate and leave the room. The last thing you want is to find that your nice wallpaper finish in the bathroom has been completely ruined due to the water. Connect the vent and fan to your main ventilation area and soon your room will be much less humid. While there will still be a buildup of moisture in the room, it will dissipate quickly without much hassle. Keep your bathroom in good condition and free of water damage by installing a bathroom vent and fan.

A bathroom vent and fan

If you are planning on upgrading your house, give your bathroom the much needed love it deserves. Getting a showerhead combo can help to make showers more comfortable and more efficient. Installing a medicine cabinet can give you a storage area for all of your bathroom products. Finally, a ceiling fan and air vent will help to clear the moisture out, preventing water damage in the room. Don’t neglect a room that you might spend the most amount of time in. What are you going to add to your bathroom?

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