Battling Insurance Companies After a Motorcycle Accident: What to Know


Every insurance company wants motorcycle crash victims to think it has their best interests at heart. In most cases, insurance companies claim that this is the best they can do when making offers. However, this is not the case. In reality, insurance companies want to save as much amount as possible. Their only interest is to make profits by doing everything they can to pay their accident victims only a little amount. When accidents involve injuries, insurance companies use their penny-pinching techniques. They disregard the loss and suffering of the survivors and instead focus on profit-making. In such cases, the survivors should remain cautious and hire services of motorcycle accident lawyers regarding motorcycle accident claim settlement. Motorcycle accident survivors need to gather all the facts and information to battle insurance companies after a motorcycle accident. 

You are Under No Obligation to Give a Recorded Statement

Whenever a motorcycle accident survivor calls the insurance company to make a claim, the insurance company records the conversation. However, you should be made aware of this fact. The insurance agent should let you know that the conversation is being recorded. Regardless of whether the conversation is being recorded, you should always be careful of what you say. In case you have availed the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer. You should give the insurance agent your lawyer’s contact information and let the lawyer deal with the agent. 

How the Insurance Companies Can Use the Motorcycle Accident Survivors’ Statement Against Them

In criminal cases, law enforcement agencies warn the defendants that any information they provide or say could be used against them in a court of law. They clearly warn the defendants. However, this is not the case in civil cases such as motorcycle accident lawsuits. In such cases, the insurance agents try to manipulate the accident survivors into saying things that could be used against them. It also allows insurance agencies to justify the amount offered to accident survivors. The insurance agents want the victims to admit that they were the cause of the accident. Also, the insurance companies want the victims to minimize their injuries by offering them little to no money. 

What to Do in Case the Insurance Companies Call the Accident Survivors

Suppose the insurance companies call the motorcycle accident survivor and ask for the details. In that case, the individual should out rightly refuse to provide information and ask the agents to consult the lawyers in this regard. In case the survivor has not hired a lawyer, then the individual should note down the details of the accident and reveal only facts to the insurance agent. Also, the survivor should not reveal the nature of the injuries and claim that the individual is undergoing treatment. Motorcycle accident survivors should understand that the insurance agents are not their friends. The insurance companies do not want their interest; rather, they want to pay the survivors as little money as possible. 

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