BCS Tractor: The Best Tractor for Your Small Market Garden


Trying to figure out what kind of machine to use in your farm business? One that is appropriate for your size and method of growing vegetables is what you’re looking for. The two-wheeled vehicle propelled by a hand crank is the greatest solution in our opinion.

BCS, the Italian manufacturer, is responsible for the vast majority of North American sales of two-wheel machines. Just like a Swiss Military tool, the BCS two-Wheel Tractor is essential for every market gardener using a minimal till technique. These walk-behind tractors are not only sturdy but adaptable and can be used for many different chores on various soils with the attachments available. Crape myrtle trees are beautiful additions to any garden, and PLANTING CRAPE MYRTLES is easy! Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a thriving crape myrtle tree in no time.

In this piece, we’ll go over some of the most important considerations to keep in mind while purchasing the BCS tractor and its accessories. Despite the higher cost, a BCS has several advantages and will have a long-term influence on small operations.

What is BCS Tractor?

A Honda motor powers the tractor, which can be fitted with a wide range of tools based on the necessities and conditions of your garden. Including its two customizable and reversible holds, growers can control the towed tires of the vehicle without needing to stroll directly next to this.

The Harvesters Edition BCS America Version 853 is ideal for a wide range of activities on a tiny farm because it is specifically designed to work with a structure that uses perpetual beds 30 inches (75 centimeters) in width.

Using a rotational plow securely can be made easier with this model’s tall sleeves, which allow for good release between the gardener’s legs and the equipment. There are also attachments available for breaking ground, cutting cover farms, and getting ready and preserving beds with the vehicle. A device that’s both flexible and convenient to employ and manage is a huge assistance. If only further tools were as effective as this one.

Why choose BCS?

The BCS machine is a great deal for your field, providing a single, strong piece of machinery that can handle various tasks with only one power system for fewer than $5000 inside the United States. Because it weighs less than a normal-sized tractor, it may be used in simple agricultural operations without crushing the soil.

With all of its many accessories, you may prepare beds, include organic manure, and plan crop successions with it when you get it. Mowers, grinders, crushers, shovels, ridgers, snow punchers, and a long list of other tools are all possible with flair equipment. BCS may be used on a variety of farms, and this is a major time-saver for a professional producer, so think about how you can use it on yours.

Attachments of BCS Tractors

Are you looking for a simpler approach to integrate changes or just to start from scratch? A BCS requires the correct connectors and a rapid hookup before you can begin using it, so be sure you have both before you begin using the system. Allows you to swap accessories without needing to bolt them back into the vehicle on a regular basis. This is really a huge time saving.

Below are the best 4 accessories that every farmer requires:

Power Harrow: Utilize this to incorporate nutrients on your field and precisely ready them without disrupting the soil quality.

Flail Mower: Employ this to sweep off organic manure, bushes or a grain once it has already harvested.

Rototiller: Apply this on grounds that are particularly hard to deal with.

Rotating Plow: Employ this to create raised pots by traveling in the alleys and to assist increase elevation to the elevated beds that require it.

Final thoughts

There is only one engine to fuel and maintain on a BCS tractor. The engine can power a variety of accessories thanks to the all-gear gearbox, making it the most flexible, year-round, two-wheeled tractor you’ll ever purchase. The yearly cost of maintenance is also lowered because there are no belts or chains to break.


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