Beautiful Paving Ideas For Your Home

Installing paving on driveways, walkways, around pools or on muddy areas outside your home can enhance its beauty and value. It also makes outdoor areas safer, cleaner and easier to use and enjoy. You can do the paving yourself or hire professional paving installers. Installing pavers improves a home’s appearance and increases the enjoyment you get from your property’s outdoor spaces.

Things To Consider

Whether renovating your home or simply updating your outdoor spaces, there are several things to consider before looking for Paver Companies Near Me for paving the area around your home.

Location Considerations

When paving a poolside, pathways or entertaining areas, these are things you should consider.

Poolside Paving

Installing new outdoor pavers sydney around your pool can make it look and feel more appealing. Consider using large pavers with rounded edging and tough enough to withstand the corrosive effects of chlorine.

Poolside Paving


Well-designed paved pathways can make walking through your yard delightful. Using large pavers reduces installation time and makes pathways look bigger. Well-paved pathways add to your landscaping elements’ coherence and help people better enjoy your garden and other inspiring, peaceful places in your yard.

Entertaining Areas

Beautiful, functional, paved patios, courtyards and other areas are ideal for relaxing or entertaining family and friends. The right design, materials, ground preparation and aesthetics can make your yard’s paved entertainment areas a key focal point and better suited for having fun.

Material Considerations

The type of paving material you use is an important consideration when planning to pave different areas of your yard. The material you choose will have an effect on the paving cost, as well as the appearance and durability.


Brick pavers are beautiful, durable, strong, easy to install and repair, affordable and can make your property look spectacular. Available in a wide array of colours, shapes, and finishes, brick pavers can complement any home’s architectural style and are an eco-friendly paving option. They can withstand extremely high load levels, hold their colour well, are low-maintenance, slip and skid resistant and installation is quick and easy.


Granite pavers have been used since ancient times. It’s very durable, can withstand extreme heat and cold, enhance any home’s appearance, and create an upscale aesthetic. Naturally beautiful and elegant, granite pavers are easy to install, clean and repair and never become outdated or lose their aesthetic appeal. Slip-resistant and non-combustible, they are perfect for use near pools, outdoor fireplaces and barbeques.


Concrete pavers are versatile, durable, strong, resilient, long-lasting and enhance any landscaped area’s aesthetics and prestige. They can be used on driveways, pathways, courtyards and patios and increase your property’s usability and value.


Sandstone pavers are durable, create beautiful walkways, attractive driveways, stunning backyard entertaining areas, lovely patios and good pool area finishing. Soft, elegant and easy to install, they add value and style to any home. They are fade-resistant, weather-resistant, anti-slip, adaptable and textured. Sandstone pavers are ideal for any exterior area.


Pattern Considerations

There are several paver design patterns you can use on your home’s outdoor areas. Some popular paver design ideas are:


Herringbone paver patterns add character, a strong visual effect, strength, and durability. It is recommended for areas with furniture or heavy traffic, including driveways, walkways, and patios. Angles of 45 or 90 degrees is commonly used with the herringbone pattern layout.

Basket Weave

An old English landscape design, a basket weave design pattern gives any area a vintage look. Alternating vertical and horizontal pairs give their rows and columns an eye-catching effect. The pattern looks great with one or more colours, is durable and works well in any outdoor space.

Circular Radial

Created by laying paver rows in a circular formation, the pattern is used in very large driveways or patio areas. Homeowners use quarter, half or full-circle patterns. Small spaces between the pavers are easily and attractively filled with sand or mortar.

Stretcher Bond 

The DIY-friendly stretcher bond pattern is the most used paving pattern. It replicates the classic brickwork look. Easy to install, it leaves very little waste material, can hide laying pattern imperfections and requires minimal cutting. This pattern creates strong linear lines, makes small areas look larger, draws attention to your home’s architecture, and is the least expensive pattern to install.

Paver Design Ideas

Good paver design patterns and ideas can help enhance the appearance of, improve access to and increase the value of any property. Simply choose a paving design compatible and complementary to the look, feel and function of the outside areas of your home. A good paving design helps people better appreciate and enjoy any home’s unique beauty.