Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Lotus Tea

Sitting together and sharing things with each other makes you feel better. Having a cup of tea can make your day more better and relieves your stress. But what tea you choose to relieve your stress may be a question for many people. Choose highly rated organic black tea that makes you feel fresh. Lotus tea is a fine Chinese quality black tea extract from lotus leaves, rose flowers, roots, fruits, seeds, or embryos. It has a sweet mixed floral taste. The tea has a creamy yellowish to brownish appearance with small round buds. Lotus flower tea helps release discomfort. It also enhances resistance to colds.

That is why many online tea and coffee shops have included lotus tea in their inventory because it comes with many health benefits. One such online tea and coffee shop is Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. This tea supplier packs its tea fresh and always ready to deliver in time if you place your order. By doing so, they believe it is their sure-fire way of ensuring that they deliver not only quality but ascertain consistency.

Societal meaning of Lotus flower tea

Lotus flower is regarded in many cultures, especially in the Eastern religions such as Buddhists, as a symbol of purity, enlightenment and fortune. This is because they grow in swampy waters, rise above the muddy water surface, and thrive in exotic flowers. Lotus tea is extracted from differently colored flowers, which hold different meanings.

  • The white flower: It suggests a sense of humor and innocence of the heart. It is the most popular color that signifies peace and purity. The Buddhists believe that it is associated with wealth, knowledge, fertility, and faith.
  • Blue lotus flower signifies intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge, having the power to know enlightenment. It is a symbol of victory of the spirit over the senses. It represents a partially open bud with an unseen center.
  •  Red lotus flower: The red lotus has a strong connotation about the heart. Therefore, it symbolizes pure love and compassion of the heart.
  • Pink lotus flower: Pink lotus flowers are associated with Buddhism as these charming blooms symbolize Buddhist’s past life. A pink lotus plant with a close bud represents passing through the spiritual path while a fully bloomed one means enlightenment
  • Caffeine in lotus tea: Lotus leaf tea has a robust and subtly sweet flavor with a rich floral aroma. Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company offer lotus tea with black tea leaves, which does not provide enlightenment but helps boost energy.

 How lotus tea is brewed

  • Get a tea filter or sieve and put enough loose tea to fill the sieve
  • place the filled-tea extract in your cup
  • Start to brew by pouring in boiled water
  • Allow it to extract the flavor and other compounds from the solid used to make tea. This may take 5 minutes
  • Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing.

Benefits of lotus tea to your health

Will you believe that lotus is made up of chemicals that decrease swelling, kill cancer cells and bacteria? Lotus tea helps to reduce blood sugar levels, breaks down fats, and protects the heart and blood vessels. These chemicals also protect the skin, liver and brain.

Since lotus tea is associated with breaking down fats, it can cause weight loss. Compared to the caffeine particles in it, it has loose black tea leaves that improve absorption of excess fats in the body. The results enable the body to burn down calories faster, resulting in a smaller waistline and that’s everyone’s body goal.

Lotus blossom tea has an abundance of vitamins, such as: vitamin B, minerals of lotus seeds, for example, iron, manganese, zinc and copper, that prevent the body from constant attacks of oxidation stress. These benefits help to reduce diabetes risk, hence improve heart health. It works on the molecular level to support life in more significant ways. Try to buy lotus tea today.

Lotus tea can promote collagen generation. Collagen makes the skin glow and is vibrant. This essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more beautiful and younger. In the end, it helps to reduce cellulite.

Drinking lotus tea daily can help you to reduce stress since it has a high level of vitamin B. This component can directly interact with neural receptors in the brain and help you calm down. Furthermore, lotus tea has components of fiber that help indigestion. It triggers absorption of nutrients

When to drink lotus leaf tea

It is suggested you drink three to four cups of lotus loose leaf tea six times a day, each time using fresh lotus leaf tea bags. It is advisable to drink on an empty stomach for the best-targeted results. It is unnecessary to go on a diet, as most people will naturally find themselves less attracted to greasy foods after drinking them for a while.