Beginners guide to rolling a cigarette


If you want to switch to self rolled cigarettes and do not know what you need or how to do it properly, then this article will provide you all the information on what you need and how to roll your cigarette. To start you would need to buy a few basic things that would include a bag of tobacco, which can be any brand depending on your choice. Make sure to check the type of blend or tobacco leaf the brand offers and select the one as per your preference. The next thing that you would need would be the rolling paper. If you do not know which one to select or buy, then you can start by using the hemp rolling paper which is made from hemp fiber.

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Beginners guide to rolling a cigarette 2

It provides you a medium burn and will not affect the taste of tobacco in anyways. Once you have these, make sure to have good filter tips. You can either buy a normal filter tip or you can also get a flavored one as per your choice. Flavored tips or filters will add another level of flavors and aroma to the cigarette, but that would depend on whether you like the original flavor or not. Once you have these basic things to start with follow the steps mentioned below one by one to make a perfect self rolled cigarette. Doing it a few times will be enough as a practice for you and after that, you will easily be able to do it.

  • First, you need to grind the tobacco or the smoking herb that you will be using in the cigarette. You can always use a grinder or crusher that is easily available in any local online store for tobacco. It will help you evenly crush the herb so that it easily fills inside the cigarette.

  • Now once you have crushed the herb properly and evenly, fill it in your rolling paper and make sure that you only add the quantity that can be filled in it. Over-doing it would not shape the cigarette properly.

  • Now you need to slowly start rolling the paper to make it into the shape of a cigarette. It is one of the most crucial steps that would need practice. Once you start to shape the cigarette, slowly roll it while the tobacco moves inside it. If you are unable to do it manually, you can always get yourself a manual cigarette rolling machine which is very cheap or an expensive electronic cigarette rolling machine. Both of them will easily do the job for you. Make sure to place the filter in the cigarette before you start rolling it.

  • Once the cigarette has been properly rolled with the tobacco properly filled inside, you need to seal it from the edges of the paper. You can either use your saliva or chemical-free gum that is available in stores. It will make sure that your cigarette does not spill out any tobacco and remains in shape.

  • Now once the roll is ready, simply twist the joint to make it fast and finally light it up from the tip to enjoy your first self rolled cigarette. The process might take you some time to do it for the first time, but slowly after practice, you will be able to do it almost immediately.

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