Being an Alpha Male: How to Improve Your Sexual Power

Increasing sexual power is an important component of a man’s self-esteem and well-being.

Considering the staggering susceptibility that men have to erectile dysfunction, it’s clearly a problem that isn’t going away. In fact, ED can affect men at every stage of life, and it can happen to degrees from complete dysfunction to performance anxiety and weakened erections.

In this article, we discuss the steps you should be taking right now if you’re losing your edge. First, however, let’s discuss the main impediments.

What Is Getting in the Way?

Erectile dysfunction or a weakening of your sexual power doesn’t just happen without an underlying reason. Cracking the code, so to speak, can put you well on your way to reclaiming your confidence and swagger.

Here are the most common contributing factors.

Medical Issues

Much of your sexual performance is determined by blood flow to the genitals. Anything that might disrupt that (high cholesterol, for instance) could make it difficult to get or sustain an erection.

As it turns out, there are many medical reasons for which to be mindful. Other diseases or conditions that might lead to you apologizing to your partner include diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, or any recent surgeries. You also may experience trouble getting or keeping an erection as a result of new medications.

Relationship Trauma

Once you have eliminated the medical cause behind your loss in sexual power, it’s time to look at past or current relationship traumas. Many men struggle in the bedroom if they’ve felt emasculated somehow by a prior relationship.

Being the victim of infidelity is a major driver of confidence issues. Likewise, finding yourself the victim of sexual abuse can affect one’s performance.

Lifestyle Habits

Many lifestyle habits are unconducive to healthy bedroom activity. Drinking too much can impair the body’s normal functions, and getting and keeping an erection qualifies.

Likewise, no exercise and eating the wrong foods will lead to metabolism issues that show up in your performance. As we move into the rest of this article, we’ll be talking about some steps you can take in your day-to-day life that improve your odds of better sex.

Now that we’ve covered the probable causes of your loss in sexual power, it’s time to get solution-focused.

What are some lifestyle hacks that you can bring into your life right now, and how will they improve your situation? Read on to find out!

Adopt an Active Lifestyle

The first thing to do to increase male performance inside the bedroom is to get more active outside of it. Start walking regularly, and eliminate prolonged periods of sitting from your day.

This can be difficult if you work behind a computer like so many millions of men, but it’s certainly possible with a little ingenuity. Switch to a standing desk, or force yourself to walk after timed work sessions.

As you become more active, your body will become more capable. Challenge it regularly through physical fitness activities like jogging, cycling, or resistance training. All these activities will boost your libido naturally.

Stock Your Kitchen

Another important factor in how to improve sexual performance comes from the kitchen. Stop eating out so much, and opt for home-cooked meals instead.

You’ll end up eating fewer calories, and you’ll be able to have a better idea of what you’re consuming.

Why is this important? It keeps you from getting overweight or obese, which are big contributors to erectile dysfunction.

Eliminate the Stress

Many men may not have trouble getting an erection, but they become self-conscious about the duration of their performance. This alone is a major stressor that can create something of a self-perpetuating problem.

If you really want to know how to increase sex stamina, start looking at the stressors that you’re bringing into the bedroom. Resolve to get rid of them by communicating more with your partner or talking to a counselor or trusted friend.

Improve Your Habits

Improving sexual performance is as much about removing bad habits and replacing them with good ones as it is about anything else.

Heavy tobacco use, smoking, drinking, or even staying up too late are poor habits that can affect various aspects of health, including sex.

When starting to have trouble with your performance, make a list of all your bad habits. Explore healthier alternatives or ways to eliminate them entirely, and you’ll notice an almost immediate improvement.

Practice on Your Own

Talking about masturbation can be uncomfortable since it’s such a personal activity, but it’s a subject that has to be broached if you’re wanting to improve your overall performance.

Masturbating keeps your mind and body focused on sex, but it has one key benefit that cannot be overlooked.

Through the act of masturbation, you learn more about your body. You also give your sexual mind the chance to “play” and determine your likes and dislikes. Those likes and dislikes can be brought into play with your current partner or help you in choosing more compatible people.

Focus on Your Partner

A big confidence booster in the bedroom is knowing that you are giving your partner what they need.

Focusing on pleasing them will motivate them to do the same with you, and that mutual focus will help you get into the moment more than if you were just thinking about sex from a selfish angle.

Seek Outside Help

Many men who struggle with sexual performance do so because of weak erection quality, performance anxiety, or vascular insufficiency.

Fortunately, there are a number of supplemental solutions that can offer these benefits a boost without resulting in expensive prescription-based solutions. Such include generic Cialis prescribed online.

Improving Your Sexual Power Is About More Than the Bedroom

Boosting sexual power is possible, but you have to think outside the bedroom to the other factors in life that could be bringing you down.

Do this, get the support you need, and watch yours and your partner’s satisfaction improve.

Best of luck as you test out these solutions! For more lifestyle and sex tips, check out some of our additional posts.