Benefits of a Remote Start for Your Vehicle


Picture this: you’re getting ready for work and making sure to bundle up for the below-freezing levels outside. You’re dreading the thought of scraping ice off your windshield and getting into an ice-cold car. Then you realize—you have a remote start on your vehicle. You can warm up your vehicle before you even step outside!

This is one of the many benefits a remote starter provides. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of these modern devices.

What is a Remote Car Starter?

Remote starter for cars

The term “remote car starter” can also refer to an auto starter, car starter, or remote start system.

A remote auto starter is essentially a radio-controlled, wireless device that starts the engine of the car from a specific distance. It often comes in the shape of tiny remote controllers or key fobs with buttons for engine ignition; however, occasionally, it also has additional features.

In most cases, the item’s packaging will state how far away the gadget will function. Other variants will function up to 500 or 1000 feet away. Some starters with greater durability have a longer range and can operate up to a mile away.

There are auto starter models that can do more than just start your car; they can lock and unlock the door, warm the seats, open the trunk, and even control things with your phone.

The majority of models also provide keyless entry. To be certain, carefully examine the device’s specs to understand what it can and cannot accomplish.

The Operation of a Remote Start System

Radiofrequency energy is used by this gadget. The vehicle’s ignition switch and other major start-up components are linked to a box. The signal informing the system to start the engine is sent to the box when the ignition button on the remote or key fob is pressed.


A remote start system, also known as a remote keyless ignition system, is a device made to start an automobile without having to physically climb in and start the engine. This gadget has several advantages. One benefit is that you can start the car and let it warm up without having to leave the home.

Every model has a different radio signal, so you can be sure the gadget will only function with your car. Additionally, other remote starters won’t be able to open or start your car without your permission.

Engine Ignition

A remote starter is a little gadget that is mounted inside the car. As previously mentioned, it is a box that receives the signal from the user’s remote control. Simply a push of a button allows the user to transition between systems.

The power wire, ignition switch, ignition wire, starter wire, brake wire, vehicle ground wire, and tachometer should all be connected to the aforementioned box. Although it may seem difficult to distinguish each wire, it is not.

The cables may be discovered in the same location inside the car. The remote’s signal is received by the starter, which then turns on the aforementioned systems. The engine will start, enabling pre-set features like the heat to turn on and operate. Additionally, it will lock the doors and make the lights flicker, both of which are signs that it is working.

Various Remote Starter Types

Opening a car door using a remote starter

With a variety of types available, selecting the right remote starter for your car involves understanding the different functionalities and features each type offers. From basic models that simply start and stop the engine to advanced systems integrated with smart technology, there’s a remote starter out there to meet the needs of every driver. Here’s a look at the various types of remote starters:

  • Basic Remote Starters: These systems offer the core function of remotely starting and stopping your vehicle’s engine. Typically, they come with a simple key fob and have a limited range, usually around a few hundred feet. Ideal for those who primarily want the convenience of warming up or cooling down their car before driving.
  • Two-Way Remote Starters: An upgrade from the basic model, two-way remote starters provide feedback to the user through the key fob, confirming whether the car has successfully started. This feature is particularly useful in situations where the vehicle is out of sight or if the user is unsure if the command was received.
  • Remote Start with Keyless Entry: Combining the functionality of a remote starter with keyless entry, these systems allow drivers to unlock and lock their doors in addition to starting the engine, all from the same key fob. This integration adds a layer of convenience and reduces the need for multiple fobs.
  • Smartphone Integrated Remote Starters: Utilizing modern technology, these systems connect your vehicle with an app on your smartphone, allowing you to start your car, lock and unlock doors, and sometimes even track your vehicle’s location from virtually anywhere. This type is perfect for those who appreciate the latest technological advancements and enjoy the convenience of controlling their vehicle via their phone.
  • Alarm Integrated Remote Starters: For those concerned with security, alarm-integrated systems offer both the functionality of a remote start and a comprehensive car alarm system. This type of remote starter is designed to deter theft while providing the convenience of remotely starting your car.
  • Long-Range Remote Starters: Designed for users who need to start their vehicle from a significant distance, long-range remote starters can operate from several thousand feet away. Ideal for individuals who may need to start their vehicle from inside a building or from a considerable distance.

Is Remote Start Safe?

Almost every digitally linked gadget may be compromised, which is a terrible reality. To prevent hacking, each RES system employs a distinct radio frequency that is independent of others. The RES system, in turn, has a unique security protocol. Preventing a third party from accessing the car without the proper key fob often entails locking the doors when the RES is activated. Furthermore, if a stranger enters the vehicle and tries to drive, the RES system will turn off automatically.

Most RES systems are set up to turn off the engine if the driver with a working key fob does not enter the vehicle after a certain period. This feature is useful if you start the car remotely but get sidetracked and forget it is parked someplace with the motor running.

Of course, drivers ought to adhere to some recommended practices for safety. For instance, avoid using the RES while the car is in a cramped area like an attached garage.

Does Remote Start Make Sense?

Your willingness to pay for anything is what establishes its value. What worth does it have to you, in other words? You probably will not find many benefits in RES if you live in San Diego, California, where it feels like 70 degrees Fahrenheit every day of the year.

However, due to the regular high temperatures, residents in Mesa, Arizona, will value turning on the air conditioner before getting into the vehicle. In Minot, North Dakota, where it is severely cold during the winter, it is advisable to run the heater and defroster for a few minutes before getting behind the wheel.

Most likely, none of these extremes applies to you. However, the more value you will get from a remote engine start system, the hotter and colder it is where you reside.

Benefits Of A Remote Start For Your Vehicle

Using a car remote starter

The addition of a remote start system to your vehicle can transform your driving experience in ways you might not have imagined. In the following section, we’ll break down the key advantages that make installing a remote start system a smart choice for any car owner.

Improved Comfort

There are two main benefits of starting your engine before you start driving. The first is comfort. Whether you’re sweating the heat in the dead of summer or icicles are dripping from your side mirror, a remote start can warm up or cool down your car before you get in it. You will no longer have to be drenched in sweat waiting for the AC to kick in by the time you get to work.

You also won’t have to spend your time in the freezing cold scraping ice off your windshield. With a remote starter, your car will be adequately defrosted before you even head outside.

Helping Engine Health

In addition to starting your day in the comfort of a perfect-temperature vehicle, remote starts will also keep your motor lubricated. In fact, starting your car and immediately driving it can harm your engine—especially in the winter months.

When you start your car in colder temps, you can probably hear the sound it makes when it’s trying to warm up. While your engine warms up, it heats the oil, which gives better lubrication throughout the motor. Your engine works a little like your body—it needs a little warmup before going in for a full workout.

Enhanced Security

Security features are enhanced with a remote start. You’re able to warm up your car without the keys in it, alleviating the chance of theft. It also comes in handy when you have a pet in the car and need to run into the store for a quick second on a warm day—keep the car running so Fido can be comfortable, too.

With a remote start, you’re also able to locate your car in a packed lot, which helps with security measures and has the additional benefit of making your life easier. This adds to your protection and security because you won’t have to wander around a dark parking lot by yourself and take the time to fumble through your pockets or purse to find your keys. This is prime time for attackers to make their move, so if you’re able to get in your car easily and quickly, it alleviates the chance of burglary.

Increase Resale Value

If your vehicle didn’t come with a remote start, adding one can boost the resale value if you decide to trade it in or sell it. This is especially true if you live in a climate that has extreme summers and winters.

Whether your vehicle comes with a remote start or you’re looking to add an aftermarket device to your car, there are many benefits of having one. Not only will it increase your comfort, but it will also keep you safer and help your engine!

Interior pre-heating or pre-cooling

The ability to enter a cold or warm car interior is another advantage of having a remote-controlled automobile starter. Simply pressing the start button will start your automobile and activate the air conditioning during the hot weather. You do not have to wait for the air conditioning to kick in inside a hot automobile. Utilizing your remote auto starter, you may pre-cool it.

A similar idea may be applied in the winter. Before getting in the car, you may use the remote starter to turn on the heating. You can avoid having to wait for the heater to work by doing this. You will enter your car to a heated interior right away.

Warm Engine & Motor Oil

The engine and motor oil in your automobile are affected by cold weather. It is more difficult for oil to circulate through the engine’s components when it is cold because cold oil is thicker than warm oil. Running cold is tougher on an engine than running warm. By warming the engine and making the oil less viscous, a remote start offers your car more time to get up to operating temperature. This allows the oil to flow more easily through the engine.


Convenience is one of the best benefits of having a remote starting in your car. With a single button press from a remote, you can start your automobile without getting out of it. So, as soon as you are ready to go, your automobile will be too!

The Car is Locked While It is Running

Knowing that your car is locked while it is in motion and that the keys do not need to be inside will give you peace of mind. It is comforting to know that even though the car is running when you are not inside it, no one can get inside, whether you’re in your driveway or a parking lot somewhere. The wonderful thing about remote starts is that the car has to be locked to use them, so even if you neglected to lock it before, you still need to lock it now.

Kinder to Your Car

Unbelievably, warm oil is kinder to your car’s components than cold oil is. Remotely starting your automobile will allow the oil more time to warm up to its ideal temperature. This will make it easier for it to go through your engine.

Locating Your Vehicle

Finding your car in a congested lot can be challenging, especially over the holidays. Using a remote starting device, you can quickly find your car. Additionally, it will guarantee your comfort once you are there.

Smartphone Capabilities

Many remote starter devices available now allow smartphone starts. Additionally, it comes with additional features.

You can find and start your automobile with a smartphone from any location. Many have added security measures as well.

Interesting Facts About Remote Starters for Cars

A man receiving car keys and a remote starter from a saleswoman

Remote starters for cars have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering convenience and comfort to drivers around the world. Here are some interesting facts and statistics about remote starters that highlight their benefits and growing appeal:

  • Widespread Adoption: As of recent years, an estimated 50% of new vehicles in colder regions come equipped with remote starters, reflecting the demand for added comfort in harsh weather conditions.
  • Fuel Efficiency Myths: Contrary to popular belief, using a remote starter can actually contribute to fuel efficiency. Warming up the engine for a short period helps it run more smoothly and efficiently once you start driving.
  • Increased Resale Value: Vehicles equipped with remote starters often see a slight increase in resale value, suggesting that buyers value the convenience and comfort they provide.
  • Range Variability: The range of remote starters varies significantly, from basic models offering about 500 feet to advanced systems that work from over a mile away or even from anywhere via smartphone connectivity.
  • Safety Features: Modern remote starters come with safety features that prevent the car from moving while started remotely, including automatic shutoff if the vehicle is not accessed within a certain time frame.
  • Climate Impact: In regions with extreme temperatures, remote starters can help mitigate the effects of the cold on the car’s battery and engine or, conversely, help cool down the vehicle in hot climates, contributing to overall vehicle health.
  • Insurance Discounts: Some insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles fitted with remote starters, considering them a theft deterrent because the vehicle can remain locked while being started.
  • Smartphone Integration: An increasing number of remote starters now offer integration with smartphones, allowing owners to start their car, lock or unlock doors, and even track their vehicle’s location through an app.
  • Compatibility and Installation: Nearly every vehicle, regardless of make or model, can be fitted with a remote starter. However, installation should be done by a professional to avoid voiding the vehicle’s warranty or causing electrical issues.
  • Consumer Preference: Surveys show that convenience features, including remote starters, rank highly among desired attributes for new car buyers, influencing purchasing decisions alongside factors like fuel efficiency and safety.

Remote starters represent a blend of technology and convenience that has reshaped the driving experience for many. With their growing popularity and the continuous advancement in technology, these devices are set to become even more integrated into the daily lives of drivers, offering unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience.


From the immediate comfort of stepping into a pre-warmed or cooled car to the less obvious benefits, such as improved fuel efficiency and engine performance, remote starters offer a significant upgrade to your driving experience. They not only enhance vehicle security and convenience but can also contribute to maintaining the vehicle’s health in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, with advancements in technology allowing for features like smartphone integration and increased operational range, the functionality and appeal of remote starters continue to grow.

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