Benefits Of Casual Cannabis Consumption

More Than Just A “High”

Cannabis has a strange reputation. On the one hand, people call it a scourge, on the other they call it a miracle cure-all. As with so many things in life, the truth is somewhere in-between. Yes, marijuana has distinct medical benefits even when used recreationally. However, you can eat organic meat too much and clog your arteries. There’s a downside.

Too much marijuana ingestion can lead to psychological and physical issues. The key with any substance is moderation. If you can’t moderate cannabis intake, you shouldn’t use it. However, the good news is, there are only mild side effects from “quitting” cannabis use immediately, even if you’ve been a regular smoker for many years.

You might just be a bit unhappy for a few weeks, up to a month or two. The psychoactive compound THC is not the same as the nicotine in tobacco. In fact, the body has cannabinoid receptors which specifically “bind” to THC molecules; almost as though there’s a certain symbiosis between human beings and the strangely wonderful plant called cannabis.

With these things as our backdrop, in this writing we’ll briefly explore some of the positive benefits of recreational marijuana use in proper moderation. When you’re moderate, withdrawal issues withdraw themselves. It’s the people using butane torches to vaporize concentrates that have trouble. Casual use doesn’t make that happen.

Depression Deferral

The giggles: they’re associated with “magic mushrooms” and marijuana; the difference is, marijuana is a lot more “tame” than mushrooms. Also, it’s legal in more than 20% of the United States for recreational consumption.

Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Alaska, Maine, and maybe South Dakota (there’s some legal issues) are all states where marijuana is recreationally legal. Except for seven states, the rest of the country has either decriminalized cannabis use, or has medical options.

So paranoia of getting “caught” doing something “illegal” just isn’t necessary. Granted, some states are different than others, but for an increasing number of American regions, you can use Marijuana responsibly without any negative legal repercussions. That kills the majority of paranoia. From there, you can just lean into the “giggles”.

One of the reasons people have gotten paranoid on cannabis is because the substance exaggerates everything. Taking the trash out isn’t fun. Do it on cannabis, you might giggle the whole while. Similarly, feelings of fear can be exacerbated. But when it’s legal and there’s no reason to be paranoid, you just have a good time and see things like depression melt away.

Believe It Or Not, Weight Loss

Cannabis use reduces weight gain while increasing caloric intake. The end result is lower BMI, or Body Mass Index, ratings. Why? Well, stress is reduced, alcohol consumption is reduced, pain or other stiffness in the body is cut back stimulating mobility, the metabolism is boosted, and you sleep better.

So though marijuana stimulates the appetite, “the munchies”, collateral positive effects of the compound offset that increased caloric intake, resulting in a net loss of weight increase among regular users over time when compared against peers who don’t use cannabis.

According To One Harvard Study, It Can Increase Lung Capacity
The study found a joint a day over seven years doesn’t adversely affect the lungs. It’s a strange report, but here it is. Now keep in mind, that would mean not following a joint with a cigarette, or going the “spliff” route, which involves mixing cannabis and tobacco. Also, smoking “wax” with a butane torch isn’t good. Still, it’s good news that basic weed use won’t kill your lungs.

While it’s wise to be skeptical when something seems too good to be true, over the last thirty years, many studies have been conducted which reveal insights into consumption of this compound that were previously unknown. You’ve likely heard that cannabis can reduce rates of cancer or fight it by making it so cancerous cells don’t replicate.

This sort of scientific discovery is a big reason why medical exemptions for cannabis exist in all but seven states. So there’s an argument to be made here. Provided use remains “casual”, rather than continuous, the substance isn’t so bad. Then there’s the living case study called Tommy Chong to consider. The man is 83, and he’s been smoking regularly since the sixties.

Exploring Cannabis Smoothly And Simply

So lung capacity increases are possible, if debatable, as regards casual cannabis use. You might lose weight, and depression will very likely be deferred through use of this natural substance. Casually exploring cannabis is pretty safe—you just want to have the right prep tools.

For all your bong, paper, grinder, storage, and cannabis accessory needs, it’s smart to have a basic resource you can buy from regularly. This helps you save money through localized discounts or other similar programs. As an example of a business providing such accessories, check out Atomic Blaze.

Things like bongs used with ice cubes produce a cool smoke experience where you’re able to get all the cannabis and little to none of the coughing. Also, some papers are better than others, and a “splint” is good at the mouth end of a joint to keep cannabis leaves from getting in your mouth. Cannabis for most people is just fine, provided it’s done right, and moderately.