Benefits of choosing IQF frozen fruits


Despite common myths, frozen fruit is also nutritious and delicious, keeping much of the same texture, shape, and especially: vitamins. Fresh fruit is known for its health benefits, but did you know that the modern freezing method, the IQF process, keeps vitamins longer thanks to technology?

Often, frozen fruit may even have a higher nutritional value, than artificially matured fruit that has been stored and transported to the store. Additionally, the fresh fruit may come in a less than ideal state, because of the transportation process – something IQF frozen fruit does not suffer from.

Here you will be able to find a quick rundown of what makes frozen fruit special, and how it can benefit your diet ! We hope you enjoy it.



One of the main points that IQF frozen fruit brings you is a sheer wealth of options! There is no need to prepare the fruit, as you can be sure that the food was pre-washed, peeled, and sliced. There are strict health policies in check for frozen fruit, leading to a high standard of quality.

However, unlike regular fruit, storing it is easy and natural. Use it to make smoothies across the span of weeks, eat IQF cultivated berries with your oatmeal, or even create a fruit salad in just a minute! Cooks everywhere adore frozen fruit for the ability to easily have all the ingredients on hand.

Completely healthy

Some myths might have you believe the IQF freezer introduces impurities, toxins, or various chemicals. That is simply not true – the process consists of processing the fruit in the exact same state it is picked . Hygiene is assured through thorough cleaning. The only difference between these IQF fruits and ones freshly plucked, is that these are frozen as soon as possible, to preserve as many healthy nutrients as possible.

Furthermore, you can be even more relaxed, since there’s no race against time – there is no incentive to get the product to you as fast, or as appetizing-looking as possible. That means, for instance, that your IQF banana slices won’t be green when you buy them, and you’ll find yourself waiting for them to ripen. IQF food has the advantage of being convenient for easy consumption, and at full ripeness which is one of the best things about fruit!  Be sure to check out Freeze dried candies as well.

Nutrients and vitamins

best things about fruit!

The moment the fruit is plucked from the tree or bush, it starts losing nutrients. Between the time it takes to transport the food from harvesting to sale, and then eat them, they’re likely to already have lost a lot of their nutrients. Meanwhile, fruit like IQF cherries is frozen at once after being plucked, locking in all the valuable nutrients your body needs to thrive.

IQF fruit preserves vitamins for longer and as a result, has a better nutritional proposition to you. Compared to canned fruit, frozen food also has a higher nutritional value, as the fruit in cans has been blanched and might dilute some of its nutrients in the water.


Since finding fresh fruit at your local market might be difficult, and depend on the season – buying frozen fruit is the next best thing! IQF mango are available year-round, as opposed to their pricier, more travel-prone counterparts. It is often simpler to buy, and you know what you’re getting 100% of the time, which might not always be the case when buying fresh fruit.

Interested in healthy living? One of the best ways you can stay at your best or get healthy quicker is by introducing various vitamins and nutrients your body may be lacking! IQF frozen fruit is one way of getting these nutrients, readily accessible, delicious, and easy to get.

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