Benefits of Hiring a Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer After an Accident

There are 3.5 million truck drivers currently employed in the US, according to the US Census Bureau. With so many truck drivers on the road, commercial vehicles like big rig semi-trucks, construction trucks, and other vehicles are involved in some 500,000 accidents every year.

What Are the Causes of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents often involve human error. It could be something as simple as texting, speeding, falling asleep, or drinking. There are many reasons that make accidents preventable. Here are just a few causes for truck accidents.


Some 15% of all injury cases and 10% of fatalities are linked to distractions with texting, eating, or changing the playlist. Just taking your eyes off the road for a moment can lead to serious injuries and even death with truck accidents.


Some 37% of Americans have fallen asleep at the wheel of their vehicles, which often leads to traffic accident deaths and injuries. The danger is even greater when it’s a truck accident, particularly when it’s a commercial vehicle.


Driving too fast is unsafe even when the roads are clear and dry, but the issue becomes exacerbated when combined with other causes of traffic accidents as well severe weather. You may speed because you’re trying to meet a deadline or stay on schedule, but the result can be dangerous, even deadly.

Substance Abuse

Some 30% of truck drivers use amphetamines, while 20% use marijuana, and 3% use cocaine. Substance abuse is so prominent because drivers need to stay awake. The combination of drugs and lack of sleep lead to risky behaviors, including unsafe lane changes and faster driving.


With commercial trucks, it’s essential that the drivers receive appropriate training. You need to know how to operate the vehicle under the worst weather and road conditions as well as improper maintenance and loading.

What Are the Benefits of a Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer?

When you’re in a truck accident, you don’t know what to do. That’s why it’s so important to hire a personal injury attorney to represent your best interests. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll experience with a skilled truck accident lawyer.

Employee Relations

As an employee of a trucking company, you may face even more complications. Who pays for the damages? What will your employment status be? What about the insurance company? Should you consider accepting worker’s compensation? All these factors come into play when you’ve been in a truck accident while on the job.


When you’re selecting a Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer, you need comprehensive representation that is affordable.  You also need the assurance that your attorney will do anything in their power to get you fair compensation for your personal injury claim.


The most Skilled Truck Accident Lawyers have years, even decades, of experience in handling cases just like yours.  They will be able to represent you in a way that is in your best interest. They can also start on the case right at the start and follow you through the entire process to ensure the best possible outcome.


A Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer can negotiate on your behalf with the trucking company’s insurance company, legal team, and other figures in the industry. With an attorney advocating on your behalf, the negotiation process can be more seamless, even faster and easier.


The most Skilled Truck Accident Lawyers will evaluate the evidence related to the accident scene and any medical details related to your injuries. They also find witnesses, take photos, and follow the line of inquiry to determine the facts in the case.

Next Step: Schedule a Consult with a Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you need an attorney who has years of truck accident injury claims experience. When you schedule a consult with a personal injury attorney, you’ll get a full rundown on the legal process.

You’ll learn everything you need to move forward with your case, as well as whether your case has merit and substance. It’s important to tap into the expertise of a Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer, so you have all the details you need to move forward.