Benefits of One Piece Toilet


The toilet is an indispensable thing for any family because it meets each of us’s daily needs. Many families often wonder in choosing which toilets to match, should we choose a one-piece toilet? Today we’re going to give you a better overview of the best one piece toilet and its benefits.

What is a one-piece toilet?

We can simply understand that a one-piece toilet is a type of toilet where the radiator and body are connected in one block, minimizing the toilet’s openings, bringing many benefits, which is outstanding, easy to scrub with high aesthetics.

The one-piece toilet flushing unit will have two modes of 3L and 6L, depending on whether you go to the toilet lightly or hard to avoid wasting water.

Types of toilets other than one-piece toilets

  • Besides the 1-piece toilet, there are some other types of toilets that you can refer to, such as:
  • Two-piece toilet – the traditional toilet type with the toilet seat and the water supply tank separated into 2 blocks can be easily replaced if one of the two parts fails.
  • Wall-mounted toilet: A type of toilet is the most modern to date with a design that can be attached directly to the wall and does not need to be placed on the floor like other toilets. The water supply section will be hung up in another position, and water supplied through a pipe down to the toilet bowl.
  • Squatting or squatting toilets: There will usually only be a toilet seat with no additional water supply with these types. The user will have to flush water through a wiper (with toilet seat) or Direct flushing (with squatting toilet)

Advantages and disadvantages of a one-piece toilet compared to a two-piece toilet.

Besides the big difference between a two-block and one-piece toilet in terms of design, the one-piece toilet also has more outstanding advantages when compared to the two-block toilet.

In terms of construction

The one-piece toilet is compact, monolithic, lower weight, making it easy to transport and install.

However, in terms of how one-piece toilets work with two-piece toilets, they don’t make any difference.

Design and form

With a compact, sophisticated design, diverse designs, it often wins the hearts of consumers.

Designed in the form of one block, the one-piece toilet also brings a modern and luxurious feel, following many households’ wishes today.


The ability to clean while using a one-piece toilet is judged to be a lot easier than a two-piece toilet.

The sit-down system and the water supply are not separated, without any joints or gaps, so it will minimize dust or bacteria build-up, sticking in difficult-to-clean locations. This both causes unhygienic and can be a potential risk of causing a number of diseases during the use of the toilet for the whole family.


Experts say that a one-piece toilet is capable of much more than a two-piece toilet in terms of both quality and set standards. Therefore, it can be said that a one-piece toilet will be more durable than a two-piece toilet.

Designed to connect parts, the connections between the one-piece toilet components are also significantly minimized, preventing damage at these joints.

Toilet life can be up to 40 or even 50 years if you use them correctly and adequately.


The size of a one-piece toilet will not differ significantly from a two-piece toilet. This is also likely to cause some confusion in the consumer selection process.

However, we may have noticed that most single-piece toilets are generally more compact, lower, and the seat size a bit smaller than a two-piece toilet. Therefore, many families often choose to choose the one-piece toilet for their bathrooms to save space.


The selling price of one-piece toilets is usually higher, but the toilet’s quality is not in dispute. So, depending on the financial ability or the needs of the family, you can choose the right toilet.

Why should you choose a one-piece toilet?

According to experts, you should still choose to use a one-piece toilet instead of a two-piece toilet because of the following points:

  • Since it is one-piece, the one-piece toilet is easy to transport. As with the 2-block toilet, the shipping process will be more complicated. Sometimes, you order a product, but when it comes time to receive a part is forgotten, making your installation slow. Late, time-consuming shipping rest.
  • The one-piece toilet will minimize the slots, so cleaning them will be simpler than a two-piece toilet.
  • A one-piece toilet will save you the space of your bathroom.
  • The durability of the one-piece toilet is more appreciated because it is designed to be completely sealed with a ceramic outer shell with fewer components and cumbersome systems so that it will be less damaged.
  • Compared to the price of a two-piece toilet, a one-piece toilet is a bit more expensive. But you also know that the price often goes hand in hand with the product’s quality, so it is not expensive considering the advantages they bring.
  • And one more thing that we can easily see is that it is easier to install a one-piece toilet than a two-piece toilet.

Notes when selecting and installing the 1-piece toilet

1-piece toilet

Some things that you need to pay attention to in the process of choosing and installing a toilet suitable for your family:

First, you have to differentiate between the one-piece toilet and other toilet types to choose the exact type you want to buy.

  • Select toilets of the right height. Usually, toilets will have a height of about 17-19 inches.
  • The position of the toilet is also significant. It is necessary to design the items that are far away or near the toilet in the most reasonable way.
  • Depending on the bathroom color and everyone’s preferences, you can choose a toilet with colors like white, turquoise, or some other neutral color, …
  • An adequate water supply and flushing system will help you feel more secure during use, avoiding the embarrassment of clogged toilets or insufficient flushing force.
  • Choose to buy toilets at reputable locations, choose the right quality toilet, suitable bathroom design, and the family’s needs.

Related question

  1. Can 1-block toilets be used as a substitute for a 2-block bathroom?

The answer is yes. You can absolutely choose a one-piece toilet of similar size, guaranteed to fit to replace the 2-block toilet you are using.

  1. With one-piece toilets, will the bathroom also need to be replaced if the seat section is broken?

Since the seat is a separate, detachable part of a one-piece toilet, when it breaks or breaks, you just need to replace the new seat unit without having to replace the entire toilet.

  1. If a leak occurs, will the one-piece toilet need to be replaced?

A toilet leak usually occurs when the gasket is used for a long time or is torn or punctured, so just replace a new one.

If a crack or rupture in the toilet bowl causes a leak, it is essential to replace the toilet.


Above are all knowledge related to one-piece toilets. This article is for informational and educational purposes only. We hope that, through this article, you will have a more useful experience and choose for yourself the most satisfying toilet type. Good luck.

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