Benefits of Spectrum Bundle Packages


A Spectrum bundle package consist of two or more different services bundled into a one-price package, all from Charter Communications. You can bundle Spectrum Cable TV packages with HD channels, home phone services, and high-speed internet to give you an amazing entertainment experience. A bundle makes the services you want more affordable.

Internet, cable TV and home phone can be bundled into one bill, additionally; Spectrum offers three Triple Play packages. These packages are Gold, Silver and select, and they were all designed with different household types in mind. Each of the packages includes unlimited calling nationwide, 100 Mbps internet, and 125+ channels with free HD television channels. You also get DVR service for 12 months.

The list of other Spectrum bundles, beside the Triple Play Packages, includes Double Play Select, Double Play Silver, Double Play Gold, Internet and Voice, TV Select and Voice. 

Before taking a look at the benefits of Spectrum bundle packages, let’s take a quick look (or an overview) at what’s included in some of the bundle.

Spectrum TV includes over 200 channels plus free HD, On-the-go TV access, access to some of the best premium movie channels in the world, and on-demand programming. The list of premium movie channels includes The Movie Channel, Encore, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, and HBO.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum Internet includes an internet bundle that offers you faster internet speeds, parental controls, Spectrum Internet Security Suite, streaming across multiple devices and more than enough bandwidth for the entire family. Spectrum high-speed internet pricing is extremely affordable.

Spectrum Voice includes unlimited calling (local and long distance) within the US, Puerto Rico and Canada, 411 and 911 services, advance features that go beyond call waiting and voicemail, and high savings on international calls. Others include caller ID, repeat dialing, speed dial, call forwarding, readable voice mailing and 3-way calling.

Having seen what some of these individual services includes, let’s now explore the benefit of the Spectrum bundle packages.

  1. Huge Savings: The very first benefit of the Spectrum bundle is a huge savings. The basic cable TV, phone and internet package begins at $29.99 or less for each service. This represents good savings as opposed to getting the services individually. When you bundle Spectrum services, you can also save on activation fees and installation fees.
  2. Quality Entertainment: With access to some of the best premium TV channels, entertainment just got more exciting and entertaining. The selection of channels includes something for every family. As a matter of fact, the different Spectrum bundle packages were created with different household types in mind. This simply means that there’s something, not just for every family, but also for every family member.
  3. Spectrum bundles present you with the perfect set of tools for education. Whether this is self-education by learning on YouTube, or some other free education sites like or accessing an online education program from a University or even reading up articles online, you are covered by Spectrum internet. You can even access some educational programs on TV.
  4. Access to full HD which, by the way, gives you images that are about 6 times sharper than SD. This simply means you can put an end to watching videos with poor quality.
  5. Fast internet services that get up to 940 Mbps, in select areas, when you pick any of the Triple Play Packages. What this translates to is more video streaming, online gaming, downloading of files and your favorite music, uploading of photos, and plain old web surfing. In some regions, this goes up to 300 Mbps.
  6. Spectrum bundle packages offer you the ultimate communication plan. With Spectrum Home Phone or even Spectrum mobile you can make local and long distance calls, even international calls and speak to or hear from just about anyone you want. Besides calling on the phone, with Spectrum internet, you can communicate through emails and other forms over the internet. With a bundle that includes any or both of these, you just cannot be out of touch.
  7. Consistent upload and download speeds across all devices. Your laptop can be playing a YouTube video, for example, and you’ll be able to play the same video on your tablet.
  8. You get the opportunity to choose from the phone plan options that Spectrum offers when you choose Spectrum internet or cable TV services. If you get Spectrum internet you can bundle it with Spectrum mobile. If you have Spectrum internet and/or TV bundles, you can get Spectrum home phone as well.
  9. You get access to on-the-go digital networks and can catch up with your favorite shows anywhere you are and on any digital device. These networks include Disney Channel, ESPN, and HBO. You will need to download the Spectrum TV app. Once you do, you will be able to view your favorite shows on your tablet or smartphone.
  10. With Spectrum TV you get access to on-demand features. This includes access to more than 10,000 shows and movies, and that’s not all. You can access on-demand shows from some of the major networks such as CBS, ABC, and NBC. The on-demand feature also gives you access to incredible pay-per-view experiences such as boxing fights and concerts.
  11. Access to Spectrum Internet Security Suite: Online protection against hacker, phishing, identity theft, viruses, malware and spam are serious issues but thanks to the Spectrum Internet Security Suite, you and your devices can now be safe. With the protection you get from the security suite your devices can run at optimal speeds without someone using them for mining activities.

There are several other benefits to the different Spectrum bundle packages. The individual packages hold so much for you but when combined in a bundle, they make for a package you do not want to miss. Even though many people have been advising others to cut the cable, the benefits of these bundle offers suggest otherwise.

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