Benefits of Using Organic Cotton for Clothing

Fashion is constantly changing with new brands, new trends and new ideas in the clothing industries. How can we, as a consumer, sense that we are buying good quality clothing and spending our money on worth buying materials? It is the right time to figure out whether the dress is organic or inorganic.

We will shed some light on “organic cotton” to let you know the idea of organic clothing. If you hear it for the first time, then read on to learn more about organic clothing and how it affects your lifestyle.

What Is the Difference Between Organic and Inorganic Cotton?

Organic cotton is produced from natural seeds, and the crop is not treated with any harmful chemical as pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or any other genetically modified organisms. This way, all the toxic chemicals are eliminated, and cotton farming keeps waterways safe from any hazards.

Unlike inorganic cotton, organic cotton farming uses only a fraction of water to grow because it is not sprayed with pesticides and free of toxins. Organic farming eliminates freshwater pollution that occurs 20% due to polluted water coming out of textile industries. 

In textile industries, organic cotton farming has risen as a sustainable alternative, eco-friendly clothing source that reduces negative environmental and social impacts of conventional cotton.

Here are some benefits of wearing organic cotton clothing:

Breathable and Light Weight

Unlike synthetic fibre fabrics, organic cotton fibre is much better for summer because it is all-natural, lightweight and absorbent that keeps you dry, fresh and clean. Organic cotton textile is breathable and provides you ventilation that prevents fungi from growing compared to other synthetic fibres.

Organic cotton is hypoallergenic because it is free of chemicals and toxins and doesn’t irritate your skin. It traps air between its fibres to keep you cool and protected from the hot heat. It helps you to maintain your body temperature in hot weather.


Organic cotton is solid than other fabrics. It has impressive tensile strength and retains its shape. This property makes organic cotton very durable and less likely to be torn. During the process, no strong chemicals are used that could make the fabric weak.

Your organic clothing will last longer, be more durable and will save money.

 Getting More Quality

If you value superior quality and comfort above the rest of the parameters, organic cotton garments will be your right choice. This lack of chemical treatment also enhances the overall quality of the products. Organic cotton is a far better choice as it will last longer, so you are getting a better quality product for a similar cost, and it is always a great alternative to buying regular, non-organic clothing.

Organic cotton benefits are seen through their environmental impacts, their impacts on human health, farmer health, and reduced water pollution. And the fact that they last longer, keeping original quality than any other fabric.

Protecting Our Bodies

The great benefit of organic clothing is human health because it is free of toxic chemicals. Anyone around organic cotton farming is healthier than conventional farming because of respiratory issues caused by chemicals. Furthermore, people who wear non-organic cotton can also be exposed to pesticides that remain in the cloth after processing. This way, skin issues, allergies, and other health issues become common for humans wearing non-organic cotton.

Farm owners, workers and other people around the processing area are saved from respiratory issues, skin allergies and toxic trades of chemicals. We should control unchecked use of chemicals in textile industries by spreading awareness of organic cotton.

One Choice Apparel

It’s a UK-based clothing brand that promotes organic clothing with better quality and various fashion industry styles. They make conscious efforts for a sustainable future and better now.

Their vision is to make choices that save our environment while keeping fashionable trends in the textile industry. One Choice uses organic cotton to design stylish clothes for customers inspired by peace, love and nature.

Their clothing line is organic, recycled, sustainably sourced and biodegradable.

Think this way – when organic clothing can offer you the best quality and style while reducing environmental crisis, is there any good reason to continue toxicity and pollution of the environment in the name of fashion? Think! Act!