Benefits of Using Squat Shoes

Weightlifting is arguably one of the hardest activities that you could do in the gym. It could also be argued it is also one of the hardest sports to compete in, as you would need your body to be in peak condition, and you also need to master the fundamentals in the sports to prevent mistakes or injuries. 

Average gym-goers would usually bring with them extra clothes, a bottle of water, and a music player to the gym, but what they don’t realize is that they are missing an item that is important for them to lift weights better, and that item is called squat shoes, also known as weightlifting shoes. This type of shoes is the essential footwear for weightlifting athletes, and they can also be used by beginners and casual weightlifters who wanted to have proper shoes for the activity. Here are the benefits of using squat shoes if you want to know if wearing them is suitable for you.

More Solid Bottom or Base

All squat shoes have a flat bottom, which means that you have better contact with the ground compared to running shoes or basketball shoes that are curved and have dips or lugs on their outsoles. The flat surface of the squat shoes’ outsole enables you to have more stability while squatting and while lifting the barbell, thus making it beneficial for maintaining proper posture without losing balance. In addition, the base of the shoes would usually be firm, meaning that your foot wouldn’t sink into the midsole if you are lifting something heavy. 

If you are wearing running shoes while weightlifting, the sinking feeling of your foot to the midsole’s cushion would make you lose balance. So, it is important that you wear squat shoes while lifting weights so that your feet will stay in the same position. You will find it weird at first to wear shoes that don’t have cushioning, but you will eventually get used to it and feel its benefits for weightlifting.

Better Ankle Support

Lifting weights could turn into a dangerous activity if you don’t know how to do it properly, and one of the body parts that often gets hurt by incorrect lifting is the ankle, as it is prone to twisting or rolling. Thankfully, because of the flat bottom of squat shoes, there would be little to no room for the ankles to roll since the outsole doesn’t have curves that would often be the cause of rolled ankles besides improper lifting. The firmness of the midsole is also beneficial for ankle support, as the feet wouldn’t move if the wearer starts lifting the weight, so there would be no movement on the lowest parts of the body. Some squat shoes would also have straps for a better grip on your feet so that they won’t slip or fall out.

Elevated Heel for Better Lifting Power

Elevated Heel for Better Lifting Power

The main feature of squat shoes is their elevated heels, which helps in having better lifting power through proper posture. By having an elevated heel, the feet would be lying on an angle that is beneficial for squats where you have to reach for the barbell. 

There are different heights for the heels of squat shoes, so it is essential that you know the right height that is suitable for your body type. A pair of squat shoes that have heels too high for you may make you feel comfortable while in a squatting position, while shoes that have heels that are too low may not give you better lifting power. Find the right shoes for you by trying out different squat shoes and researching which shoes are perfect for your body type.

Safer to Wear

All of the benefits mentioned above contribute to the shoes’ safety features, as they are a testament to how squat shoes could help in preventing injuries. Wearing other types of shoes for weightlifting is not safe, as they are designed to perform other tasks. For example, running shoes have curves and dips at their outsole to provide better mobility and transition while running, but these features are a disadvantage for weightlifting, which requires a firmer connection to the ground and a flatter outsole for better balance. It is crucial to wear the right shoes for different types of sports and activities, as they will enhance your movements and not cause trouble for your body.

By reading this article, you will already see the importance of wearing squat shoes for weightlifting, as it does not only provide a better experience while doing the activity but it also gives your protection against injuries. As mentioned above, there are different sizes that you will see while looking for the right weightlifting shoes, so you should do some research on suitable shoes according to your body type to help you buy the right footwear.