Bennet Schwartz Shares 3 Creative Ways to Find a Business Idea for Your Next Startup


Finding a business idea for your next startup can be difficult. Luckily, we have three creative ways you can try to find that perfect business idea! You will learn about the best places to search for inspiration and turn those ideas into a finished product. Bennet Schwartz includes three examples of startups that started with an interesting idea and grew into something much bigger than they ever could’ve imagined!

1. Start with a problem you’ve had or something you don’t like

One of the best ways to develop a business idea is by looking at things that annoy you. What if there was an app for that? By starting with something you don’t like, you can eliminate all those problems and create a product or service that will make other people happy!

Suppose it’s not already on your phone; download Product Hunt. This app allows users from around the world to submit new products every day. When browsing through submissions, keep track of any ideas which could turn into a great startup! One example is Hush, an innovative earplug company founded in 2013. The founders were tired of loud concerts, so they created earplugs of silicone instead of wax. They started off selling them online and eventually expanded into selling them in retail stores around the world.

2. Brainstorm as many solutions as possible to the problem and narrow it down

When you have a problem, try to think of as many possible solutions as you can. Then narrow it down from there and see if any of them could become a full-fledged business idea! The more options, the better because even if your first or second choice doesn’t work out, you still have other ideas to fall back on. Plus, trying new things is never a bad thing! If one solution isn’t working for whatever reason, don’t give up right away – keep trying until you find something that works.

This is how most great businesses are started – by trying something new and seeing what works! Webflow is an excellent example of this. The founders were originally looking for a tool to build their website, but as they searched through other options, none of them met all the requirements they had in mind. In 2014, the team decided it was time to create a product that solved all those problems so that other people wouldn’t have to deal with them either.

3. Figure out who is your target audience, what problems they’re facing, and how your product can solve those problems

Finding a problem and creating a solution is great, but if you don’t have anyone to sell your product or service to, it will be difficult. You need to find out who your target audience for this particular business idea is before anything else!

One of the best ways we recommend finding an answer is by doing some market research. After all, that’s what entrepreneurs do – they solve problems with creative solutions while also looking at things from different angles! Market research will give you insight into whether people would want or use whatever you’re trying so hard to create! There was no point in Hush using their own money on developing earplugs until they did enough research.

It’s easier than ever to find a business idea and get started. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking at these three different ways that could lead your startup in the right direction. No matter which one of them you choose, we hope it helps jump-start your entrepreneurial journey!

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