Bespoke vs. off-the-shelf software. What to choose?


Today, routine tasks are performed using automated software. The right tools for the job help will improve efficiency in meeting your daily goals, connect with customers, and improve sales. The more features a program has, the better. But how do you choose the best solution? To do this, contact the custom development company on Let’s consider the main aspects of the argument of bespoke vs off the shelf software.

What is custom software

To start using bespoke software, choose a team of programmers. Set your goals and experts will figure out which tools are best for you. The current development will be revised if you need new features.

The work takes a few weeks. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparatory — collecting information, meetings to discuss the exact set of services.
  2. Development — writing the code, choosing an interface, checking for compliance with the set goals.
  3. Testing — transfer of the project to your company for revision and review.

The IT company assists in the custom software deployment. The proposed utilities have enough tools to work with, and the reference materials will allow you to simplify the study of a new interface. The cost of such systems depends on the chosen options. The approximate price will be indicated at the start of the IT development process but may change with adjustments.

Pros of bespoke software

The main pros of bespoke software are as follows:

  • adaptation of tools for the purposes of your business;
  • secure technologies for storing and transmitting data;
  • unlimited number of employees to delegate tasks to.

You do not need to subscribe as the the platform becomes the property of individuals or legal entities.

Cons of custom software

Many entrepreneurs refuse such tools for the following reasons:

  1. Overcharge. This is because the study of the field of activity and the need to create a unique database, interface and other options take a long time.
  2. The need for a one-time payment. The full version is transferred after prepayment.
  3. Long-term creation. You will have to carry out many meetings with programmers before starting your work.

Despite this, such products are the best for the growing online store, tax, architecture and other businesses.

Who can benefit from using bespoke software?

This version is intended for personal and corporate use. The company will grow, its needs will increase. Advantages of custom software include an opportunity to optimize the system; gradually the necessary elements will be added to it.

The implementation process is clear. Users will be able to migrate the database to continue their work.

What is off-the-shelf software

Programs offered on the Internet are suitable for various tasks. They have standard tools. Due to their versatility, they can be used by all kinds of professionals. Pros of off-the-shelf software development is the ease of performing your work tasks.

The usual toolbox is not expanding. You can customize off-the-shelf software, connect your employees to it. A cloud service for storing data will save space on work computers and ensure the security of the information.

Advantages of off-the-shelf software

Advantages of off-the-shelf software includes:

  • it is adapted for any task, suitable for use by construction firms, law offices and private entrepreneurs;
  • easy integration — just create a new account to get started;
  • affordable cost, which doesn’t depend on the number of users;
  • initial testing — customers will be able to study all features before purchasing.

Such tools allow you to dive into your work without experiencing any difficulties. A ready-made platform has an intuitive interface and a full set of functions.

Disadvantages of off-the-shelf software

Such programs are for everyone, but they won’t be fully adapted to one’s needs. These tools have certain disadvantages:

  • the need to adapt work processes in such program;
  • it’s impossible to expand or modify options;
  • updates might make it difficult to use the toolkit;
  • the need for training. Some of the features will are unique, so it will take time to explore new options before getting started.

Many people prefer hybrid services. They are more flexible, but you can add options to easier perform your daily tasks.

Who needs it?

The beginning of the choice of software will be to study the tools and their capabilities on the corresponding websites. Such platforms are suitable for representatives of various types of activities. If a certain product fits your tasks, you can either buy a subscription or fully purchase it.


Regardless of what option you choose, you first need to define your goals. After you decide what you want to get from a new utilities and whether it is available in the open source projects, you can determine which is best for a bespoke development vs off the shelf solution. Consider the following features:

  • a custom platform will allow you to fully adapt it to your own goals, but the price will be higher;
  • to use the software offered on the network, you need a prepaid subscription or a full version for a lower amount but with limited capabilities;
  • hybrid services have a wider range of solutions.

By contacting us, you can order the best utilities for business, point out the shortcomings and get a product that suits you. Our experts will advise what solution will facilitate the completion of your tasks and how all the main features work.

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