Best advanced medical care: peculiarities of the nervous system operation


The nervous system is one of the main structures that make our body not just a sum of billions of cells, but a unique single organism. It also regulates and coordinates the work of all systems and organs, maintains the constancy of the internal environment of the organism and allows a person to successfully survive in difficult, constantly changing conditions. Hence, it’s vital to take care of its operation. The best this mission may be completed by a neurologist in Queens.

Features of nervous system functioning

Each type of neuron performs a specific role, ensuring the vitality of the entire organism.

There are five main functions of the nervous system:

  • regulation of the work of all organs of the body;
  • coordination and provision of joint activities of all organ systems and metabolic processes, which have to be regularly monitored by neurologist in Queens;
  • maintaining homeostasis – the constancy of the internal environment state;
  • processing and analysis of any information coming from receptors and adaptation to the external environment in accordance with the data received;
  • drawing up the basis of mental activity, ensuring the processes of thinking, consciousness, behavior, activation of speech, memory.

Neurologist Queens NY: Assessment of the central nervous system functional state

The study of indicators of the nervous system state by the best neurologist in Brooklyn allows to assess the quality of regulatory mechanisms in the body, which are the main in the formation of an adequate and timely adaptive response of the organism to changing environmental conditions. Both health and workability of a person depend on the functional condition of the nervous system.

The assessment of the activity of the nerve centers of the spinal cord may be carried out by a neurologist in Brooklyn on the basis of the study of tendon reflexes (Achilles, knee, elbow). If people have functional disorders of the central nervous system, in particular, extra excitability, there occur increased tendon reflexes.

According to neurologist in Queens, the coordination of movements in the human body is carried out due to the coordinated activity of the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and vestibular apparatus. The leading organ for coordinating movements is the cerebellum, which also regulates muscle tone – when it is damaged, hypotension occurs.

The study of coordination function by the best neurologist in Brooklyn

Generally, there are several analyses that are made to check the coordination of movements:

  • Romberg’s test;
  • finger-nose test;
  • calcaneal-knee sample;
  • nystagmus determination.

The scheck of static coordination (standing stability) is carried out according to the Romberg test. The examinee is offered to stand with the toes and heels of the legs shifted plus with hands down. When the cerebellum is damaged, swaying of the body is noted, which increases if the patients:

  • stretch their arms forward;
  • close their eyes;
  • put one foot in front of the other (in one line);
  • stand on one leg;
  • stand on fingers.

According to neurologist Queens NY, with any gross violations of statics, a person cannot stand even with their legs wide apart. During testing, attention is paid to the degree of stability (the subject is standing still or swaying), the presence of tremors of the eyelids and fingers, and the duration of maintaining stability in a standing position on one leg.

Dynamic coordination tests performed by neurologist Brooklyn include finger-nose and heel-knee tests used in the study of coordination of limb movements. When dynamic coordination is impaired, there develops a slip and trembling of the hand.


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