Best Apps to Make Home Moving Easier


Moving will always be an arduous, stressful affair to go through. Most of you will find that transitioning from an old house to a new one can get frustrating to execute smoothly. You have so many things to take care of and keep an eye on that it can get taxing for you.

Planning these things can be so time-consuming that you could only hope to have an assistant to speed up the process. Fortunately, you don’t have to put the rest of your activities and engagements on hold to ensure that your move is going smoothly and there wouldn’t be some essential things left behind.

With how advanced and wide-spread technology has become, new innovations and applications can offer invaluable help to the moving process. Here are a few noteworthy apps and software that have been developed to aid movers like you.


PDF2XL for home moving is a versatile tool to use, and it can be an incredibly helpful tool for moving, which can be full of lists and documentation. PDF2XL is essentially a converter tool from PDFs to Excel files. Spreadsheets are very efficient to use as every information is separated and organized for ease of comprehension. PDF2XL is also convenient as you can save all your information digitally, ensuring that you won’t lose them, a risk when using paper. As such, you can use PDF2XL for any tasks your move requires.

You can record all your possessions in the spreadsheet to keep track of them before and after the move. They can also be organized so fragile items can be singled out and handled carefully. This spreadsheet can then be provided to your movers to help them keep track of your property.

You can also use spreadsheets to input your expenses and calculate them with Excel’s mathematical functions.


Sometimes, it is more efficient to get somebody to help you than do all the tasks on your own. MOVED is just the right app to help you find your assistant.

All you have to do is use the app, which will ask you a few questions about your move, such as where you will be moving and when. The app will then connect you to the appropriate assistant.

Your assistant will help you manage your tasks, taking some of the burdens off your shoulders. Coordinate with your assistant over chat or any available communication methods. MOVED can be useful if you plan the moving process and book services such as moving companies, storage unit firms, and decorators.

Moving is less stressful and draining with an assistant who has your back. The only downside is MOVED can only be found on iOS, which means android only users can’t make use of it.


Packing up and organizing your possessions is one of the main tasks of moving and one of the most exhausting to do. It takes planning, or you will get a confusing and disorganized mess. Sortly is the right app for this.

Sortly was developed for efficient inventory organizing. Used by business and professional teams to organize their inventory, Sortly is also excellent to use for planning and keeping track of your property.

Make a digital inventory of your belongings, which you can organize with folders, notes, tags, and even photos, videos, and QR codes. This inventory will help not only you but also your movers by making their job less confusing.


Getting rid of stuff is just as important as sorting them for packing. There may be some stuff you no longer have use for or don’t want to bring with you to your new home or. With Letgo, you have an efficient and reliable way of clearing the junk out while earning money off them.

Sell these stuff on Letgo, where other interested buyers can take a look and buy it off you. Take pictures of them and upload them along with the listing to entice buyers. Moreover, you can use Letgo to look for things you want to bring to your new home.


Moving can be such an exhausting and stressful process, but you can make it less tiring and more manageable for yourself with these apps. Don’t let all your time and focus get seized with planning and organizing your move. Check out these apps to make your move less stressful for you.

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