Best art therapies for older adults

Art therapy is a way for older people to express themselves creatively and has many benefits. As people get older, they may face problems with their bodies, emotions, and minds that can affect their mental health. Art therapy helps older people express themselves, talk to each other, and deal with their feelings in a way that doesn’t involve words or judgment. Various art therapies are particularly well-suited for older adults due to their therapeutic benefits and adaptability to the needs of this population.

Every kind of therapist knows that art can be an effective therapy for elders or seniors. It does not matter what the purpose is but therapy can give mental focus, strengthen your muscles and reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression. Art therapy is an extraordinary solution which makes elders busy and recover from different disorders. Because who doesn’t like art and crafts? These activities in accordance with various environmental conditions are available in senior living facilities, mental health and even clinical environments, such as the physical therapy center. 

Activities help adults overcome the anxiety and depression that can occur as a result of chronic diseases.  There is even some evidence that this type of therapy can be useful when treating the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia and Parkinson. Experts say that, when making art, older adults can enjoy feelings of relaxation, control, socialization, increased cognition, sensory stimulation and improved self-esteem.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best art therapies for older people and how they can improve their mental, physical, and emotional health. Art therapies, like painting, drawing, music, and dance, can give older people meaningful and enjoyable experiences that are good for their overall health and well-being as they age. In addition, some art activities for adult’s therapy are as follows: 

1. Diamond art paintings Kits

First and most favorable activity for seniors is Diamond Painting.  You might think that anything that involves small gemstones will be out of bounds for seniors suffering from arthritis or other conditions that cause shocks, but it’s not a problem! With diamond art kit, you make enchanting artwork using an easy-to-hold applicator and sticky candles.

Diamond art painting kits, also called diamond painting kits or diamond embroidery kits, are a popular form of art and craft that has become very popular in recent years. Typically, these kits come with a canvas with a printed design, small colorful resin “diamonds” or drills, a stylus or pen-like tool for placing the diamonds, and glue or wax for picking up the diamonds.

Diamond art painting is a creative and relaxing activity that involves putting the tiny diamond drills in the right places on the canvas, following the printed design. Most diamonds are square or round, and they shimmer when they catch the light. This makes them look beautiful and sparkly. As more and more diamonds are added to the canvas, a beautiful mosaic-like piece of art is made.

Buy them Diamond painting kits and boom. This is an activity that is very attached and relaxed which serves crowds, even those who do not consider themselves “artistic.” Plus, there are many diamond art designs available, so participants can make something talking to them. Moreover, diamond art painting kits are a popular choice for art lovers of all ages because they are a fun and easy way to express creativity and experiment with art. They give people a chance to relax, express themselves, and make beautiful works of art that can be kept and shown off with pride.

2. Pottery

making a bowl pottery image

Pottery is the art of shaping and molding clay into functional or decorative objects; it has been a way for people to express their creativity healthily for hundreds of years. Its various physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits as an art therapy for older people are becoming more well-known. Also, pottery can be a meaningful and fun activity that helps you express yourself, relax, and be more mindful. In addition, it can also be a way to get physical exercise, challenge your mind, and meet new people.

As a form of art therapy, pottery can be made by hand, thrown on a wheel, glazed, and fired. It can be modified to accommodate the different skill levels and physical abilities of older adults. People can use their hands to make pottery, which helps them improve their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and strength. It also involves the senses, such as touch, sight, and sound, making it a multisensory experience that older adults may find stimulating and enjoyable.

Pottery is perfect for seniors or adults because it does not require a challenging tool or medium that is difficult to manipulate. In fact, clay is one of the most easy to use materials out there, even for those who suffer from rigid hands.

This allows the seniors to build a hand muscle grip without pain. At the same time, the action throws a pan or a bowl is very meditation and relaxed, so it is very suitable to help them with anxiety, stress and depression.

3. Group paintings

We all see the popular paint-and-sip classes popping around the city, they are perfect for older adults! Usually, these classes follow similar formats, where an artist guides a group of participants through the process of painting the same image.

Group painting is an art activity in which more than one person works together to make a single piece of art. Usually, a group of people, like older adults, get together to paint on a canvas or other surface that everyone can see. Group painting can take many forms, such as a mural, a large canvas, or individual tiles that are put together to make a bigger piece of art. Participants can use different painting styles, colors, and techniques to add to the whole.

This activity is ideal for seniors because it takes art and makes it social, and the elderly is very susceptible to depression caused by loneliness. This activity can bring joy not only by creating art but also by making a strong connection with others. Furthermore, group painting helps people work together, be creative, and express themselves as a group. The result is a piece of art that is both unique and a result of everyone’s work. Group painting can be a fun, social, and therapeutic activity for elderly persons. It helps them meet new people, express their creativity, and have a sense of accomplishment.

4. Jewelry beads

beads-colorful-decoration image

Jewelry beads are small decorative items usually made of different things, like glass, metal, plastic, wood, or gems. They are also used to make jewelries. Jewelry are often regarded as crafts for those who have steady hands, but there are several good ways to make this activity be approached by the elderly. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, so there are many ways to be creative and stylish with them. This can be strung together on a string, wire, or cord, and clasps, connectors, and charms can be added to make unique and personal jewelry. Also, you can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other kinds with them. Jewelry beadwork is a popular hobby and craft that lets people of all ages show off their creativity, show off their own style, and make wearable art. 

Furthermore, working with jewelry beads can be a relaxing way to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration, and mindfulness. It can also be a way for people to get to know each other, share ideas, and make jewelry together. These are versatile and easy-to-use ways for older people to express their creativity, and they can also be a fun and fulfilling hobby.

Invite them to make chains or necklaces of bead glasses using large beads, easy to hold with large holes that are easily seen, even by those who have bad vision. Remember to choose a clip that is easily opened so that participants can actually use what they make themselves when they are finished.


While the overall field is promising, not all forms of art therapy are suitable for seniors, especially those with arthritis and mobility problems, so caution must be done when choosing an activity. Here are some of the best art therapies for seniors, even those who struggle with mobility and chronic pain.