Best Bundle Plans in 2021


The economies around the world are going through a serious recession, something which expert economists say is even worse than the economic crisis of 2007-2008. There is quite a weight in this statement as previously humanity only suffered through the economic crisis, however, now the economic crisis has originated as the result of a pandemic. A pandemic stemmed from a contagious virus that spreads from person to person. This is why the standard quarantine protocols demanded to limit the physical interaction of people to contain the virus. These quarantine protocols demanded lockdowns, which resulted in the complete closure of schools, offices, businesses, restaurants, marketplaces, cinemas, and basically any place which had a huge amount of people. So not only economic activities and businesses were affected but the education sector and entertainment industry suffered huge losses due to the closure of schools and parks.

Man is a social animal and you can’t keep humanity away from interacting with each other, so eventually, people found alternatives. These alternatives came in the form of internet and web-based solutions. Internet was already were popular among the general public but the pandemic gave a boost to internet usage and there a steep increase of 2.3 percent in the number of internet users as compared to previous years. This is because most of the economy became internet-dependent through activities like work from home and online business which were the sole means of earning bread and butter during the lockdowns. Plus internet also took the responsibility of the education and entertainment industry through means like online classes and streaming and online gaming platforms. Although by the end of the year 2021 we are seeing that things are getting better but some trends that we observed during the pandemic are here to stay and the world is going to become even more internet-dependent from this point forward.

Why Do People Like Bundle Services?

While we discussed the importance of the internet and how it helped humanity through the pandemic there is one more thing that helped keep the sanity of the public in times when everyone was stuck in their houses, this was cable TV. Since everybody was in their house and were getting bored most users got back to TV and switched their favorite programming, due to this we saw a steep rise in the number of cable TV subscribers something which wasn’t observed since 2011 as cable TV was on a constant decline. Another major reason was that big providers started offering bundle deals for internet and cable. As these bundles provide immense discounts especially Cox bundles for internet and TV, these were the two most essential services people immediately pounced on these services due to cost-cutting. As money was also a very important factor because people were struggling with job losses and closure of businesses and this shrunk their buying power quite a bit.

Some other important factors apart from the cost and discounts were additional perks providers offered with these bundle services like gift cards and free installation. Some providers also offered users dedicated customer service for bundle subscribers. Apart from that, there are things like every service falling under the same bill, discounts, perks and privileges, superior customer service, and freebies that attracted people to get these bundle deals. Plus bundles also provided a balance of both essential services the internet and cable that catered to the work and entertainment needs of the public. Some bundles also had a home phone which many people preferred as a secondary line for emergency purposes. All these factors contributed to people getting the bundle deals.

Best Bundle Deals in 2021

Not all providers are the same and neither of them provides the same quality of service, prices, packages, discounts, and promotions, and not all of them are available in all areas. The service provider industry has become so saturated that more than 7,000 providers are offering different types of services to customers. That is why we have created this list to help our readers select the best bundles from reputed providers at the end of 2021.

Spectrum Triple Play Select

First comes an economical bundle from the second-largest provider Spectrum. This bundle provides users with excellent value for money as the triple play select comes with up to 200Mbps unlimited internet, 125 plus HD channels, and a home phone with unlimited local and long-distance calling. There are a few extra perks like a free modem, a security suite, and access to a nationwide network of hotspots. While on the cable front users get a free TV app to watch TV anywhere on the go. The best part is that there are no contracts and a money-back guarantee of 30 days if the users don’t like the service.

Cox Internet Gigablast + Contour TV Preferred

Cox communication is another major provider and third-largest cable provider in the USA and the bundle that is most loved by Cox is their internet Gigabalst which is the fastest speed offered by them, up to 1000Mbps and with the cable, users get 140 plus HD channels including HBO Max. Cox also throws in a lot of free stuff like a free HD TV box, Contour TV app, and in some areas a free wireless gateway and DVR service. However, the data provided is limited up to 1.25 TB per month and users might have to sign a contract, but Cox also offers plans with unlimited data and without a contract at a bit extra charges if users are willing to pay.

Xfinity Popular Double Play

The third bundle comes from the biggest provider in the United States, Comcast-backed Xfinity. Xfinity is the provider with a vast market share and most of the areas and states are covered by them. Their most popular bundle is their Xfinity Popular Double Play that comes with up to 300Mbps internet and a cable TV with 125 plus HD channels along with the Xfinity Stream app. Pricing wise this is the most economical bundle deal out of all three and offers superior quality of service to users. The customer service of Xfinity is also quite efficient which makes it the number one choice for many users.


Today, people are always looking for discounts and cost-cutting due to the dire economic condition of the world. Services like internet and cable are essential but that doesn’t mean that should break a user’s bank, for precisely this reason we have written this article to educate our readers about best-discounted bundles of 2021 coming from major providers like the ones mentioned above. These bundles not only superior quality of service but all this at a very economical price.

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