Best Butter Keepers: An Easing Buying Guide

If you love having butter every day and with every food, you have for breakfast but find it hard to spread on bread when it’s cold, it is time for you to get familiar with butter crock, also known as butter keeper.

Using butter crocks will help you avoid the pre-planning to ensure that soft butter is available for a fresh loaf of bread and the worry about the safety of keeping butter on the counter overnight. Butter keepers are a step ahead of a lid butter dish required for storing the butter in the fridge. These were invested way before the refrigerator was even invented.

Today there are different types of butter crocks available that not only keep your loved food item safe but also enhance the appeal of your counter or table setting.

Read on to know more about them.

1. Ceramics Butter Crock

The bright-colored enameled exterior of this ceramic crock is stain and starch-resistant. This makes it highly preferred. Its interiors are also glazed, and the knob is easy to grip when moving the top. These can hold a bit more than just a single stick of butter.

2. Extra-Large Glass Butter Keepers

The best part of using these crocks is holding up to eight ounces of softened butter. Also, because of being made of glass, you can easily see how much is left in the crock. Yet again, you need to be very careful while using and washing them because of the glass.

3. Marble Butter Crocks

Marble butter crocks are very cool and elegant and can hold up to eight ounces (or two sticks) of butter. Also, they are a little more delicate than others, so you will need to wash them by hand.

4. Handmade butter crock

Handmade butter comes from small pottery in Olympia, Washington. These are usually about four inches in diameter and three inches tall and can easily hold a stick of butter.

However, it’s not advised to use a dishwasher to clean them since they are handmade and delicate.

5. Butter Bell

Butter bells are sleek and simple ceramic butter crocks usually available in matte black or ivory colour and can hold a stick of butter quite easily.

6. Mosaic Flower French Butter Pot

If you like things that are not just useful but also decorative, a mosaic flower butter pot is perfect for you. These are the prettiest of the lot and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Also, it’s worth noting the fact that this patterned option is made in Poland.

7. Ring Handle Butter Keeper

These are more useful than other butter keepers, and its name itself can see the reason. Moreover, they hold a bit more than a single stick of butter and are dishwasher safe too.

8. Basic Butter Pot

These are quite simple in appearance. Just a glazed stoneware crock that holds up to a single stick of butter. These are never out of fashion and require to be hand washed.


A butter keeper can be extremely helpful for people and has been so ever since their existence. It does not just save your time or money but also guarantees to help you fill your stomach when you get those midnight hunger pangs. Moreover, it even helps you keep your butter safely tucked away from the light, air, and bacteria that might hamper its taste and texture.

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