Best Caribbean Catamaran Charter Companies


When you’re willing to have a nice and refreshing sailing adventure in the Caribbean near the British Virgin Islands, you may look for a good quality catamaran charter deal. You want everything set up by the company and you just want to relax and chill there with your buddies, or family.

Well, there are several companies that provide such services. This article will cover the top three companies that can help you getting a catamaran charter for your Sailing Holiday in the Caribbean peacefully.

The Caribbean is a beautiful place to go for refreshments. It’s known all over the world for having the second largest barrier reef in the world. The British Virgin Island is a great place to vacate with your friends and family.

It’s a beautiful place and considered to be the biggest sailing spot in the world because of having calm and clear water. The fine scenery and warm weather can lift you to a new level of feeling yourself easily. This is a big escape for busy city people.

Now, there are different companies that offer different facilities and different things. When you need to choose whose service you’ll be taking, you may get confused.

So, let’s talk about the three top companies that are available nearby. The other option is to use a yacht transport company to ship your own yacht to your desired destination.

Ritzy Charters

The best company for chartering a sail is the Ritzy Charters. This is the biggest and richest company available in that area. When you’re trying to find out luxury catamarans in the Caribbean area, you can easily get to them. They provide private crewed luxury catamarans and yachts.

However, this company is not too much old in the industry. It’s founded back in 2012 and it’s still rising. It’s situated in North bay village in Florida. Now, it has almost 1.5k yachts and other water transports registered with a huge number of crews at different destinations. The company covers almost 35 different places in this area and their service for the price is really awesome and affordable.


Our second recommendation for catamaran chartering will be the great company boatbookings. Well, this company is a little one and they’re doing business in their own way. However, being small made the team of this company a real hard nut to crack. They provide extremely good services regarding sailing.

They have almost 160 yachts available to sail across the mighty Caribbean and they have reliable and experienced crews. This company gives safety a priority so they always blow the minds of their clients. You can take their service undoubtedly. Their pricing and payment methods are also good enough.


The company Sailo is an international institution known especially for their different services related to sailing, boats, yachts, and catamarans. The big thing about sailo is, they are special for catamarans and if your trip is focused on catamarans, you can undoubtedly take their service.

However, the pricing of this company is not satisfactory enough on the market of sailing that made us put the company ranked at number three and last.


So, these are the best companies if you’re willing to rent a catamaran in the Caribbean and obviously willing to vanish for a couple of days. These three companies here provide good service and they cost pretty little. You can rely on these companies undoubtedly.

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