Best Casino Travel Activities in Canada

The Canadian gambling market is a very peculiar one for many reasons. One of them is a great Canadian easygoing mentality that gives a lighthearted touch to everything, including gambling. Understanding this market requires some time but for seasoned players from Canada, there is no better place in the world to enjoy your favorite pastime. Canada is a big country with not so big population, but most of its inhabitants really enjoy gaming, especially in the form of poker tournaments. There are only three provinces where casino-style gaming did not fully conquer the market so try to avoid Newfoundland, Prince Edward, and New Brunswick if you are in for some serious gameplay.

Legal stuff

This country’s authorities invest a lot of effort into controlling this market for the sake of its inhabitants and their safety. It is hard to conduct a shady operation in this jurisdiction as their government makes sure that every legal form of gambling must be put under their rule. This means that almost every casino in most of this country’s provinces is regulated by the state authority. There are more than one hundred casinos scattered across this vast territory, so every tourist visiting Canada will have no problem pinpointing one. This, of course, is possible for those older than 19 years, as most of the tourists visiting probably are, but keep this in mind.

You do not have to worry about online gaming restrictions as the internet is a big jungle that manages to slip under the radar of authorities sometimes. Inhabitants, tourists include are excluded from any restrictions in using online gaming sites as the law targets only those who provide this type of service, aka licensed or unlicensed casinos. For travelers who come to this beautiful country and are eager to experience some live action, there is no shortage of good places to start their adventure. Every game in town is opened for visitors, especially for those who incline toward poker action.

On your way to Alberta

Gaming in Alberta comes in many forms and shapes including about twenty casinos regulated by their local government. It feels quite satisfying to know that any gambling money one leaves behind him goes into some form of a charity event, which is a neat system of controlling gaming cash flow. If you are super excited like us for the best and the biggest poker tournament in Alberta which is s set for March 20th, 2020, then read a review on any Alberta online casino will not be enough to quench your gaming thirst. You have a choice of visiting Deerfoot Inn and casino in Calgary and try to win $20.000 in pool prize or check the best review and find a casino of your choice to test your luck.

casino gaming

Alberta hosts five First Nation Casinos that are a tourist attraction, but poker tournaments are why people visit casinos around here. Everyone remembered 2019 Alberta Poker Championship which went in great spirit, so we all eagerly wait for this year’s event to take place. If you are traveling through this area be sure to stop by if you are eager for some serious action. Playing online poker is fun, but this is taking things to another level. All of your poker lovers out there, do not underestimate Canadian players just because they are easygoing, that is just a great substitute for a poker face.

New tourist destinations

Playing real money games has never been more fun like today. You have a chance to experience the thrill of a road trip combined with a gambling adventure while cruising through Canada’s beautiful landscape. This new form of casino traveling is getting more popular as their closest neighbors from the USA have only Las Vegas and Atlantic City to visit for this occasion. Combining outdoor nature activities with traditional Canadian hospitality seems like a better idea. Every game available elsewhere is accessible in Canadian casinos also, and it is all for a good cause.

Race and sports book

If you take some time to visit Indian Reservations, you might enjoy some of the five First Nations casinos like River Cree Resort or Grey Eagle Casino. By playing in one of these gaming establishments controlled by natives you are stimulating the region’s economy and maybe the great spirits of native ancestors will bring you more luck in your endeavor. Who says gambling can’t be a great tourist attraction? If you are not a poker enthusiast there are many real money opportunities like lotteries, into halls, or Video lottery terminals scattered across Canada. Try visiting Eagle River casino or Gold Horse casino in Lloydminster to try some of these activities.

If you thought that this is just a country of great hockey and maple syrup, you are in for a big surprise as you will soon discover that these people love to gamble. Their enthusiasm and calm nature will win your heart so you will enjoy your gaming sessions even more in some great company. Do not forget to experience other fun gambling activities like keno or lottery and stroll through beautiful countryside between gaming sessions. Canada is a country with many surprises for some true gamblers who are not afraid to experience new things and step out of their comfort zone. Try your luck, Canadian style and maybe you will develop more appreciation for your favorite pastime as in this country, it is really a people’s game.