Best CBD Toothpicks: The Most Convenient Way to Consume CBD

CBD toothpicks are definitely not something that most people understand or expect to find their local CBD shops.

Most people prefer to get their CBD from more simplistic sources, like CBD oils or CBD edibles. However, CBD toothpicks are there for those that are looking for one of the ultimate, relaxed, and natural methods to get CBD.

However, to first get started, you probably want to try and figure out where to get CBD toothpicks. So, where do you go for the very best CBD toothpicks?

What Are CBD Toothpicks?

Before you go and find some CBD toothpicks, you need to actually understand what they are. CBD toothpicks are actually surprisingly simple – they are essentially nothing more than a CBD delivery system in the form of a toothpick.

Toothpicks are saturated in CBD oil, so much so that you can quickly suck the CBD from the toothpicks just by putting them in your mouth. They are not only incredibly convenient, but they are also super discrete.

While some people might feel completely fine with imbibing CBD in public, some prefer to keep their use of it more hidden. CBD toothpicks allow you to look like you are just cleaning with your teeth with a toothpick, rather than imbibing CBD.

So, now that we know what they are, where can you get them?

Moon Picks

Moon Picks

Made from nothing, but pure CBD isolate, Moon Picks CBD toothpicks are an easy and simple solution to avoiding THC while enjoying your toothpick.

Each toothpick comes with 25mg of CBD, and allows for up to 10 minutes of constant chewing. This allows you to dose yourself slowly over the course of several minutes, making for an even and calm release.

Available in a variety of exciting flavors like orange, caramel apple, and cinnamon mint, these birch wood CBD toothpicks offer up great flavor, and excellent CBD combined.



Kushly is perhaps a bit more geared towards those that are looking for oral treatment. While they do contain a massive amount of CBD – 25mg, far more than most other brands – they are primarily geared toward promoting oral health.

Used just like regular toothpicks, these are all about keeping your teeth clean and healthy. To aid in their enjoyment, they have a vast range of weird and fresh flavors, such as mint, apple, and limeade, as well as a broad range of others.

All of these unique flavors make it more of a sugary snack that doesn’t rot your teeth, rather than a simple way to give yourself CBD. Sold in packs of ten, in containers that are surprisingly easy to carry, these slim CBD toothpicks are great for taking with you on the go.

Like other options, they are made from responsibly sourced hemp and are tested to ensure they are THC-free. Rigorous third-party laboratory testing ensures you are getting precisely the cannabinoid content you expect from your Kushly product, definitely making them one of the winners.



PureKana offers a delicious honey CBD toothpick, which makes it more of a sweet treat than just a method of getting some CBD. If you are not a fan of honey flavors, you can also get it in a minty, refreshing taste, making it similar to a chewable mint or a stick of gum.

Containing 10mg of CBD sourced entirely from Kentucky grown hemp, these CBD toothpicks are not only tasty, but also responsibly made. Free from harmful substances and additives and checked by third-party labs for quality control, these are the CBD toothpicks to go for when you want reliable dependability.

Enjoy these PureKana CBD toothpicks as a between meal snack, or while out and about for a refreshing taste and high CBD dosage at the same time.

Final Thoughts on CBD Toothpicks

The thing about CBD toothpicks is that they are a convenient way to get your CBD without having to worry about the consequences of using it in public.

Whether you are trying to skirt the law, or avoid nosey passersby, CBD toothpicks make it so much easier to take CBD every day.

There is plenty more helpful information about this exciting new way to enjoy CBD on websites like WayofLeaf. However, the critical thing to keep in mind is to ensure that whatever CBD toothpick you get comes with lab testing. You need to ensure it contains exactly what you expect it to, as well as taste how you expect.

Regardless, CBD toothpicks are on the rise, so expect to see a myriad of new and innovative CBD toothpick designs appearing on the market very shortly.