From posing casually to declaring a revolutionary statement, hairstyles have played a great role in expressing celebrities’ feelings and attitudes.  And celebrities have always been the boldest examples, sought after by everyone. Because who would not want to flaunt the hairstyles sported by their celebrity icons. Let us see a list of hairstyles which continually stayed in vogue for the past 10 years.

1. Pixie Cut

Perfect for summer and any face structures, the pixie cut has been a craze for the last decade. Miley Cyrus’s sleek and peppy platinum blond Pixie cut showcased her freestyle spirit whereas Emma Watson sported a polished pixie cut much similar to Michelle Williams’ signature style. Maria Borges’ short brown pixie fro and Tyra Bank’s hazel pixie cut have become iconic styles to be pursued.

2. Straight Long Locks

An elegant hairstyle featuring long lustrous hair is always an icon of grace. It has been a consistent style of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who carries this hairstyle with utmost finesse. Singer Rihanna who has displayed herself in several hairstyles turned heads with her long red straight hair. Actress Elizabeth Olsen’s long beachy ombre hairstyle deserves mention in this section.

3. Curly Hairstyle

Nothing unfurls the wilderness in your nature better than curly hair. According to Hadviser, with some highlights, the curls have more prominent textures. Whether it is Beyonce’s golden mane or Amanda Seyfried’s light blonde hairstyle cascading into layered bouncy curls, curly hairstyles will never go off the table.

4. Bangs

Bangs can be worn with any hair type and texture. For short hair types, bangs with soft curly locks like Allison Brie’s or Emilia Clarke’s overemphasized bangs make people want to copy that style. Whether paired with Sandra Bullock’s long straight hair or with Dakota Johnson’s long wavy hair or Zendaya’s long curls, bangs are timeless trendsetters.

5. Bob

This short-medium length hairstyle outlines the face, bringing out its features. Bella Hadid’s brown bob, Jennifer Lawrence’s wavy golden bob and Natalie Portman’s dark-coloured bob deserve attention in this section.

6. Blunt Cut

Blunt cut has always amazed viewers with a very satisfying chic look. Lauren Conrad’s chin-length blond blunt, Selena Gomez’s wavy blunt and Kim Kardashian’s blunt long bob are definitely gorgeous hairstyles which fill people with awe.

7. Beachy Waves

Beachy waves perfectly beguile the eye by flaunting thick, voluminous locks for any occasion. This tousled look has been turning heads for quite some time and is nowhere close to getting old. Ciara’s shaggy long waves, Rihanna’s half-up half-down waves and Lucy Boynton’s blunt wavy bob are noteworthy mentions of this hairstyle.


Although the common notion is to wear one’s hair according to their faces, the celebrities continue to bedazzle everyone by breaking the stereotypical conventions about hairstyles and dauntlessly sporting any look, encouraging all to follow their style statements.