Best Clothes To Exercise Outdoors In For Autumn

As It Gets Colder…

Regular exercise is really important for the body and soul. it keeps us healthy and especially during Winter when, due to the lack of natural sunlight, we all usually experience a drop in mood. Exercise can give us that natural boost that helps improve mental health and well-being. But, if we’re exercising outside, we need the right gear.

Choose Your Workout & Select Clothing Accordingly

Often these days people wear gym or fitness clothing as day-to-day staples, simply because they are so comfortable to both work and lounge around in. Choose an exercise that you actually really enjoy performing and get all the gear that helps you to train as comfortably as possible in this season. If you’re running fairly lengthy distances you’ll need something like a windbreaker with air vents to allow air ventilation, to cool you down when your body temperature and heart rate rise. You’ll want to pair this with sweat-wicking sports leggings or pocketed shorts to hold your phone and door keys. To finish, you’ll need an ultra-light sports t-shirt that is dry-fit. Nike has various sports clothing options that have the dry-fit technology included as standard. Be sure to make use of this Discount Code for 25% off before you checkout.

Colour Of Clothing

During summer we recommend wearing lighter colours to reflect the heat but as it gets much colder we’re starting to wear slightly darker colours in order to absorb as much heat as possible. Although this being said, you should always try and wear outer clothing with reflective stripes or panels if you’re exercising in the evening or nighttime so that pedestrians and cars can actively see your movements.

Type Of Fabrics

The majority of exercising comfortably outside comes down to the types of fabrics you’re wrapping around your body. Wear stretchy technical joggers and sweat-wicking fabrics. Make sure you avoid any cotton-based materials as they absorb moisture and hold it against your skin, making exercise a very uncomfortable experience.

Try and select materials that are breathable so your body gets the air it needs in order to regulate your temperature at high-tempo activities. Have a nice and tight thermo base layer to keep you warm, and then be sure to add your insulation in the form of a jacket or coat.

Technical sports jackets will mostly be sweat-wicking and slightly waterproofed, making them a great choice for the days when you’re not sure what the weather’s up to. Northface sells some excellent pieces worthy for someone completing an expedition to Antarctica


It’s important to wear sports clothing that keeps you dry, and warm. It needs to protect you from windy conditions. It also needs to keep your head, feet and hands dry and protected at all times. These areas of your body – the extremities are especially important because they are the furthest away from your core, which is the warmest part of your body. So try and get some thick warm socks, a waterproof beanie and some thin technical gloves to keep your fingers toasty.

Top tip, find some gloves that are touch-screen compatible so that you can answer your phone in an emergency or just while on the move around town.

You want loose but comfortable clothing, if you’re biking then don’t wear anything too loose that could get tangled up in the pedals or chain. If you’re running then nothing too baggy that might get in the way. You know the drill. A general rule of thumb is: the less you’re moving the more you should be wearing, especially on a cold day. The idea is to stay warm and look stylish.