Best Commuter Bike on a Budget


The best commuter bike on a budget needs to be reliable, low maintenance, and comfortable. Fortunately, thanks to cyclings growing popularity, you can now grab yourself a real bargain and find a decent commuter bike for under $500.


State Elliston 3 Speed

You probably have a budget in mind and are looking to stick to it. However, if you go too cheap, you risk the bike falling apart or slowly disintegrating and giving up on your second week commuting. You could also look at 2nd hand bikes. However, they are less reliable and generally more hassle than buying a brand new commuter bike, therefore this article will focus on brand new commuter ebikes.

For a basic entry-level commuting bike, you should be looking to pay at least $300. A single-speed bike such as the Golden Cycles OIL SLICK is a great entry-level bike. Not only does it look great, but it is also incredibly easy to handle and very low maintenance. Another good bike at $300 is the State Bicycle Rigby with similar specifications and performance to Golden Cycles. However, if you want to get a lighter, more well-rounded commuter bike, you need to invest up to $500.

Once you have accepted that you can buy a quality bike with a budget of $500 and have lots to choose from, you need to decide whether you want a single-speed bike or a geared commuter bike.

Single Speed commuter bikes under $500

Golden Cycles oil Slick Fixie

Single speeds and fixies are low maintenance, simple and often look stylish on the streets. Most single speed bikes have a flip flop rear wheel so that you can choose between hair raising fixed gear riding or the more popular single speed freewheel. If you want the thrill of fixed gear, then check out the Throne Phantom, an excellent lightweight fixie that looks cool and is a bargain when you consider the high-quality components that make up this bike.

With the more popular single speed bikes, you do not have to be pedaling all the time, but you still benefit from the simplicity (and increased effort) of only having one gear. The Detroit Bikes Sparrow is a high-quality aluminum framed single speed bike that is light and nimble, with quality finishing touches. This bike makes you feel like you can rely on it to get you to work on time, every time!

Geared commuter bikes under $500

Fyxation Pixel 3 Blue

Don’t worry, you can also get quality commuter bikes that come with gears for under $500. Gears help you accelerate quickly after stopping for red lights and make any slight inclines a lot easier to conquer. The Pixel 3 has 3 gears, all hidden away in the rear hub. It is a well thought out and durable 3-speed bike for commuting.

Another excellent geared commuter you can get for under $500 is the State Elliston 3 Speed. The State Elliston 3 Speed is a beautiful and refreshingly unique geared bike, with its perfect blend of modern and retro design. It is a very comfortable city commuter. Probably the most well-rounded commuter you can get on a budget, coming with lovely finishing touches such as mudguards and chain protector.

Fyxation Pixel 3 Blue 2

Final Thought

You do not have to break the bank to get yourself a stylish and reliable commuter bike. Get away from overcrowded public transport and get to work one of these great commuter bikes for less than $500.

Ride Safe!


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