Best Email Management Tips For Working Remotely In 2021

Your email inbox can seem a real mess if you don’t know how to organize your emails effectively. You don’t have to be an email guru but it is crucial to know how to save time and become more productive if you are using email as a communication channel frequently. We have selected the best email management tips and tricks that will help you in this specific field.

1. Use several email accounts for different purposes.

If you don’t want your primary mail account to be full of unwanted messages and junk emails, it is recommended to use it only for work-related and other important emails. The secondary address you can use for registering at various shopping websites, social media platforms, entertainment resources, etc. This way you will protect your main mailbox from being overwhelmed with unread messages and will easily find everything you need in a short time.

2. Use filters to sort incoming messages.

Filters should be used to automatically apply certain actions to incoming emails without your personal attention to each of them. Thus, you can easily move all your social media notifications to trash as you may see them on your mobile device as well, or make all messages from your work domain as starred. Nowadays, most email service providers allow creating custom filters for managing your inbox without much effort.

3. Unsubscribe from promotional newsletters.

Another important tip is to timely opt out from all unwanted newsletters until your mailbox becomes cluttered with junk. If you have used your primary email account for subscribing to mailings, promotions, news, apart from useful information, you will be getting a lot of marketing offers making a mess in your mailbox. Instead, it is recommended to unsubscribe from all newsletters that you are not really interested in and block the whole domain if you continue to get advertising stuff. Again, you can do it manually or use an unsubscribe app like Clean Email to see all your subscriptions in one place and block everything you no longer need in a few clicks.

4. Use special tools to simplify email management.

If you are getting hundreds of emails daily and don’t want to manage each of them manually, there are a lot of useful applications that can make this process easier and help you save time. For example, you can download an email cleaner app or inbox organizer to automate managing your messages and cleaning them in bulk. You can also set up a spam cleaner tool to protect your mailbox from getting spam messages. The less time you spend on deleting unnecessary messages, the more productive you are when working remotely.

5. Use labels and folders to organize your messages.

One more useful tip is to organize your messages to relevant folders and apply certain labels. For example, if you are learning a new language online, you may need to have all your related materials in one place. For having access to your learning materials at any place, you can save all related messages in a dedicated folder in your mail account, or create a folder in the cloud storage and upload it there.

These are the best inbox management tips that will help you to have a clean mailbox even if you work remotely at home and your email communication has increased a lot.