Best Games in the NFL’s History


It is near impossible to explain the enduring appeal of the NFL. It is a league that has captured the hearts and minds of generation after generation. We love to argue about plays and the NFL rules.  It is the reason that many young people enjoy taking part in sporting activities, and it provides the nation with one of our most loved social events. There is much to love; the athleticism of the players, the intricate tactics at play, and the betting opportunities on offer from bookmakers and online sites, to those looking to get in on the action of the game. Join us as we take a look at some of the best games in the NFL’s history.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Chicago Bears

1988 Perhaps one of the most memorable games of the 80s, this game, played on December 31st, will be remembered for its playing conditions as well as for the game’s action. Both teams practically abandoned all idea of the passing game as a thick fog descended on Soldier Field during the second quarter of the game. Visibility was next to zero, and the players struggled to make each other out as they were all shrouded in fog. Perhaps not the best of games for bettors or for commentators as it was near impossible to see what was happening on the field. The game ended with a win for the Bears, and perhaps some interesting wins for those who had wagered a stake!

New York Giants Vs. New England Patriots 2008

Who could forget this game! It is the game in which you will find one of the greatest moments in the history of the NFL. With both teams fighting hard, the game was a spectacle from start to finish. However, the defining moment of the game; the moment that has earned a place in the history of the league, came with only 1:15 remaining on the clock. Eli Manning threw the ball to David Tyree who clutched the ball against his helmet in order to maintain possession and the refs ruled it a completion before the Giants went on to score. An event that no fan or bettor could predict, but a win for the Giants that ended a perfect season of wins for the Patriots.

Miami Dolphins Vs Kansas City Chiefs 1971

The longest game in the league’s history lasted for 82 minutes and 40 seconds, and ended in a win for the Dolphins. Both teams were exhausted by the end of the match – and the fans were feeling the intensity of the drama, too. The game went to a second over time before Miami managed to secure the win.

Baltimore Colts Vs New York Giants 1958

You have to go back some way to find this game, but it is certainly one worth discovering. This tiring and epic battle was the first game ever to be shown on TV. Unitas was the star of the show, and would have been many a bettor’s dream as he took the game to the first overtime in NFL championship history.

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