Best Golf GPS & Golf Laser Rangefinder Buying Guide Review

Golfing requires a lot of skill and patience to play (not just to watch). At the same time, being able to navigate the golf course effectively is not easy as an amateur golfer. You don’t have a caddy following you around everywhere. To help you get better at golfing, you can utilize rangefinders and GPS handheld devices optimized for golfers.

GPS Handheld Devices

GPS devices optimized for golfing usually display yard measurements, and they have a lot of fun features that help you navigate and measure the entire golf course. They help you identify hazards on every hole of the golf course, and you can usually store different golf courses into your device if you play frequently. Be sure to pick one that helps you add numerous “courses” or holes from the reviews at Golf Industry, so you can become a master of your area, no matter where you’re playing. Before using your handheld device, also be sure that a handheld GPS device is allowed on the course you’re playing on.

Golf Cart GPS devices

Whether you’re wanting to use a dedicated device that can be attached to your golf cart or use your handheld device (you can easily add a holder to your golf cart in order to hold your handheld GPS device), be sure that it is allowed on your golf course. Pick a GPS that is both a product of quality and value, and you can’t go wrong.

Laser Rangefinders

Rangefinders were primarily used for hunting once they were commercially released (rangefinders were primarily a tool used by military in the past), but they have become a great tool for golfers for measuring distance, angle, and many other factors that can affect your putt or drive. The only downside to golf laser rangefinders, is that you may suffer from interference of fog or rain if you are playing golf in these conditions. Shop for a rangefinder that offers maximum visibility and is designed for what you need it for. But also note the price. Sometimes the pricier rangefinders aren’t always the best.

Buy the Rangefinder That Fits You

Golf rangefinders offer numerous measurements similar to popular hunting rangefinders (as a matter of fact, some golfers that hunt simply use their hunting rangefinders because they are comfortable with them already), and should be purchased by not only what they do, but consider their size, weight, and features. Hold the rangefinder in your hand and try out a few to see how they fit. You don’t want to carry a paperweight all day.


Are golf GPS devices and laser rangefinders necessary? No, but they are a very handy tool. Remember you are shopping for quality, value, and comfort. You could spend $280 on an expensive rangefinder, but you don’t necessarily have to when a Nexus Rangefinder for approximately a hundred dollars less.

When it comes to golf GPS devices, you can buy these as standalone devices (expect to pay no less than about $100 for one. And if you want to, there are tons of Golf GPS apps which have the same functions that you can store on your smartphone.