Best Hospital bed rental service in Durham region


No one wants to spend a thousand dollars or more on a hospital bed they won’t be using after a while. In that scenario, the best option is to go for a rental service. Now, if you are from Durham, I have some top recommendations for hospital bed rental Durham region.

Let’s get going on with the recommended service companies.

Hospital bed rentals in Durham

There are many options when it comes to hospital bed rentals, but not all of them will be good. There are four choices I highly recommend checking out. They provide decent pricing on their rental service along with excellent quality.

Ontario Home Health

You can find electric hospital beds here with great pricing. They come with great comfortability as well. Also, the renting process is pretty straightforward for this company. You don’t need to go through much trouble to rent the hospital bed you need for your home.

Aside from beds, they have a lot of different rental supplies. The only thing about them is that you have to reserve your equipment and lack quick delivery options.

Healthcare equipment, INC.

This is surely one of the easiest-to-rent services you will find in Durham. You can simply call them or visit their website to get all the pricing and bed options. They provide great prices on their rental service, which makes them an excellent option to try out.

If you live somewhere around Durham, this will be suitable for you because of the quick service. They have been in this business for a long time, so you can rely on them as well.

Help Mobility

Even though they don’t have a store or office in Durham, you can still go for them. They have a wide range of hospital bed options that you can choose from. Usually, they use delivery trucks to deliver their supplies throughout Canada. Also, their rates are pretty competitive, so you won’t be spending a whole lot to get their services.

They don’t charge any sales tax on their rental beds if the bed is prescribed by your doctor. So, that’s something to admire about them for sure.

Vital Mobility

If it’s about getting different choices and a lot of options, then Vital mobility is the best company to go for. They have a lot of variety in their collection of hospital beds. Also, the quality of the beds is quite good, so you end up with comfortable beds while you recover.

Another great thing is that they have got beds on different budgets as well. So, if you want many options, this is the company you should lean towards.


To sum up, you get a lot of rental service choices if you are from Durham. And most of them are very good. So, you might have a hard time choosing one. In that case, the best thing to do is contact the companies, and you will get to know everything. Then you can compare and see which one meets your preferences the best.


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