Best Mirrors for Your Home Interior Decor In 2021


Decorative Mirrors have an uncanny ability to add the elements of space, dimension, and character without exerting too much effort. Such intensely glamorous pieces of art can modify any arrangement entirely by providing a sparkling touch that can dramatically become a complementary treatment to add illumination and aesthetics to your place. Together we have curated a series of such home decoration ideas based on timeless mirrors, popular in the year 2021, each of which stands for contemporary design and innovative use of house elements and their blends. So, without waiting any further, it’s time to get started.

Make-up mirror: Ideal for girl’s room

It is hard to imagine a dress-up or a vanity room sans a make-up mirror. But what are the characteristics of an ideal make-up mirror, which makes it different from a regular one? For the starters, these mirrors offer a slight degree of magnification that enables a user to have a clearer image, especially of the face while applying make-up. So much so that sometimes even the pores of the face are also somewhat enlarged and visible.

The best form of a maquillage reflector is an illuminated vanity make-up mirror, which is the dream of every girl. Typically this kind of mirror is often used on modeling TV shows, and it’s what beauty experts use to work on celebrities or fashion models.

If you also intend to bring a little drama into your little girl’s bedroom, the easiest way to go about is to install a LED illuminated and high-quality concave mirror. Believe us; the decorative mirror is going to be her absolute favorite and a faithful companion throughout her journey of growing in a beautiful young woman.

LED mirrors: Ideal for bathroom

LED mirrors: Ideal for bathroom

Restroom mirrors with integrated LED lighting tend to exude a svelte and futuristic look that makes them perfect for trendy and urban households. They also look pretty realistic, with the illumination spread evenly around them.

By choosing to install LED mirrors in your bathrooms, you are also saved from the pain of putting up sconces or other forms of lighting— which means the decor will stay elegant and straightforward, and you have got one less thing to bother about. Some LED illuminated mirror variants can also be quite beneficial while trying to put on make-up. They offer you the additional soft yet bright spots of light that might be helpful to you for being accurate during the application of cosmetics without discomforting the eyes. The style is simple and elegant, and the mirror itself is quite stable and durable. Some futuristic options also allow you to control the intensity of LED lights through touch controls.

The LED integrated decorative bathroom mirror features a silver backing glass of the premium grade that provides unparalleled clarity without any distortions. It incorporates a strip of embedded LED bands that form a kind of framework around it. The light is dispersed uniformly, ensuring no shades and dark spots—  an ideal setting for make-up.

Antique mirror: Ideal for bedroom

Antique mirror: Ideal for bedroom

Even though you haven’t got time or energy to trawl through antique shops and garage sales in pursuit of vintage decorative mirrors, yet the exquisitely framed classy reflectors can very much be part of your bedroom wall décor. With the surge in demand, several reputable online stores are selling them like hotcakes.

The vintage mirrors can almost instantly alter the appearance of your bedroom space— all thanks to their intricately carved frames, darkened corners, and trademark distressed edges. These traditional artifacts are sure to fill your wall spaces with a dash of glitz and glamour, especially in the households already designed in the Antique or Victorian themes. Besides, you can use antique mirrors in any room of your house to bring in some additional light and an illusion of spaciousness with a touch of flair.

Try sticking an antique mirror in an attractive and unusual shape, encased in an intricate designer frame on an otherwise bland and boring room wall to pull off a stunner outcome. Additionally, you may attach sconce lights on either side to make the entire arrangement as the focal point of your bedroom. Hanging a decorative mirror can easily bring visual appeal to a room missing the character.

Decorative mirror: Ideal for Dining room/drawing room

Decorative mirror: Ideal for Dining room/drawing room

Mirrors are not merely crafted to add a splash of elegance to an interior. These are also the ideal solution to make any space look brighter and spacious than what it is.

Adding a pair of a window like mirrors in your dining room can accentuate the settings by bringing in the element of balance and exquisiteness. Also, an oversized decorative mirror can be effectively used as a connector between the dining and drawing spaces of your home. You could lean the giant mirror against the wall, preferably between the two windows (if architecturally possible), to add vibrancy and drama to the whole setting.

Alternatively, an intricately carved vintage mirror placed on a wall behind the dining area can also help add the touch of sophistication and royalty to space.

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