Best Mobile Phones for Pro Gamers

Mobile phone technology is one of the fastest-growing industries all over the world, including India. With the best phones becoming cheaper and cheaper thanks to the introduction of better devices available from multiple companies, mobile gaming is now the most popular way to play across the country.

Video game consoles don’t hold a match when it comes to popularity — these days everyone has a mobile phone and is using it to play games. There’s something for everyone whether you like to go for classics like Fortnite or Call of Duty, or you’re using your phone for something entirely new like slots, tapping games, or even streaming from Twitch. With the demand for certain apps, Google recently updated their play store policies to allow more types of games that had previously been banned. Websites and developers had been figuring out how to get people to download their products regardless of Google or Apple permissions, mostly due to the sheer prevalence of mobile gamers out there.

For India, there are a few types of phones that are best for mobile gamers due to their processing, screen quality and graphics abilities, and memory capabilities.

The Asus line has always been known for producing excellent quality gaming phones, with the Phone 5 model showcasing a 6.78” screen (bigger than previous models for optimal gaming) with a Full HD + display, 12 GB of RAM, and runs on Android 11. Serious gamers and streamers consider this phone one of the best. With consistent updates and full accessibility features, it’s a great phone for anyone who values a great display in combination with a fast processing speed. The camera and mic are quite good as well, so it is a great all-around phone for gaming, photography, streaming, and productivity.


Upgrade the IQOO5 version to this new model — this company is known for putting the first 5G smartphone into the market in India just a few years ago. The newest version, the IQOO7 or Legend 7, has a 6.62” screen, 8 GB of RAM, full HD resolution, certified for HDR10+ playback, and a considerably powerful CPU. It runs on the Android system, so you can download all the usual apps and games for this phone. With the resolution, you can absolutely play the highest quality graphic games from your phone, and with a powerful CPU, you can expect that any apps you download will work seamlessly.

 If you are into puzzles, one app that you can download is Wordscapes, which is one of the most popular puzzle-solving games for Android and iOS devices. Check out Hints to Win Wordscapes Game so that you will have an easier time beating levels on the game.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Though it is on the pricier side, the best phone you can get on the market is this particular Samsung. The newest Samsung has options for 265 and 512 GB with either 12 or 16 GB of RAM, and an incredibly top-notch display that’s full HDR10+ certified, 6.8” of display, and a 120Hz refresh rate. All in all, this is an incredibly powerful gaming machine at the tips of your fingers. Try any and all games with this phone. The graphics for your usual games will be enhanced on this device.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Of course, Apple has always been at the forefront of creating popular phones. This one in particular is aimed at getting the gamers. It’s got an A14 bionic chip which is actually known as the fastest chip on the market currently, a 6.7” screen, a super retina XDR display, and 6 GB of RAM. If Apple’s usability speaks to you, you’ll be pleased to see that their overall specs now can satisfy even the most serious gamers.

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