Best Mobile Slots Games to Play in a Portrait Mode

The main way that people play mobile slots games is horizontally, the games are not designed to be played in portrait mode – click to visit. However, recently there have been a few releases that have been created specifically for this purpose. Meanwhile, check out the link to visit the most reputable pg slot online.

What is Portrait Mode?

Portrait mode is a vertical option for a smartphone device. Portrait is the most popular option when it comes to taking close up photos or videos of people. Landscape is the horizontal equivalent of portrait mode. When it comes to slot games, most are played in landscape mode. This requires players to hold and position their smartphone on it’s side in order to properly work the game. Recently however, there have been more slot releases that are compatible with portrait mode. This means that players can enjoy these games with their phone facing upwards. Using portrait mode carries a few benefits, it is much easier for players to see what is on the screen when it is vertical and it is the way that most players are used to using their mobile phone.

Best slots to play in portrait mode

Playing a slot game in portrait mode isn’t always the easiest thing to do, luckily there are several new slot releases which have been optimised with portrait mode in mind.

  • Jurassic Giants takes players back to a prehistoric time period, this slot was developed by Pragmatic Play and it features the kind of action that players should expect from a dinosaur epic.
  • House of Doom is a spooky slot which was developed by Play ‘N Go. This slot takes players to a scary house of horrors that uses lots of surreal imagery. The highly volatile nature of this slot only adds to it’s scary appeal.
  • Vikings Go To Hell is a historical epic that was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. Players will enjoy the action from the portrait mode thanks to the unique graphics and design that the slot has. This Norse slot also offers players a free spins feature which has a 3x multiplier!

Benefits of Portrait Mode

Although some players may feel that playing a slot game in portrait mode is pointless, there are actually a few benefits that players can receive from playing this way.

  1. Easier to see. If you are a player who sometimes misses important details of a slot game, consider using a portrait mode compatible slot game. Reading things portrait side up will help players to see and understand things more clearly.
  2. Easier to use. It can sometimes be easier for certain players to use a portrait mode slot game because of the way that they hold their phone. Not everybody has grown up with mobile phones around them and using a portrait mode phone is ideal for the players who are still grasping the ins and outs of tech.

Final Thoughts

Playing in portrait mode may seem unusual at first but there are actually a few benefits that come with playing this way. It is much easier to see the reels and by extension the slot will be much easier to use.