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There are motorcycles for all riding styles, but if you want a motorcycle that performs well on and off road, you can’t go wrong with an adventure touring motorcycle.

Modern adventure touring motorcycles are made to be incredibly versatile and offer the best of both worlds. Equipped with stronger frames, larger tank sizes, purpose-balanced tires and a range of utilities, they are built to handle paved and unpaved roads.

Adventure motorcycles suitable for on and off road are sometimes referred to as dual-sport or dual-purpose. They can look similar to dirt bikes, but are built to be suitable for riding on the streets and highways, able to lean into corners with ease, comfortably cruise highways and maneuvre on dirt roads. Adventure tourers are the perfect motorcycle to be taken on long road trips, where you may have to do some off-road riding.

Whether for casual commuting or hardcore touring, an adventure motorcycle is one for all motorcyclists. Here are some of the best motorcycles for on and off road riding:

Pan America 1250

Built to endure, designed to explore, and engineered for adventure, the Pan America 1250 features the Revolution Max engine, which is a liquid-cooled powertrain with 150 horsepower and full of torque.

The adaptive rider height lowers the seat height when stopped, giving you greater control and maintains a constant suspension sag at speed by sensing weight inputs and adjusting accordingly.

Inspired by iconic American off-road vehicles, the Pan America is a rugged take on the adventure motorcycle, where function meets form in a stylish package that is unique to Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere

Featuring a six-speed transmission, advanced fuel injection, and a compact two cylinder engine with eight valves, the Yamaha Super Tenere is a great motorcycle both on and off road.

While considered to be better on paved roads due to its low ground clearance, the long-travel suspension and a large diameter front wheel allow this bike to handle the rough roads as well.

The comfortable seat, tall windscreen, hand protectors and luggage attachments, make this bike ideal for road trips that may involve some off-roading.

Honda Africa Twin

For an adventure touring motorcycle capable of conquering dirt roads and pavement, you can’t go wrong with the Honda Africa Twin.

A tough dual sport model, the Honda Africa Twin features long travel suspension, bold twin headlights, large windscreen, dual sport seat and wide handlebars.

The seat position allows for a comfortable upright riding position for long periods of time, while the V-twin engine provides plenty of horsepower and torque.

BMW GS Adventure

A top adventure motorcycle, the BMW GS Adventure is great on road for long distance, as well as off road. Smooth and comfortable on highways, with capability for more remote areas where you may encounter loose dirt and bumpy roads.

Featuring adjustable ABS and supreme traction control, this motorcycle offers a powerful ride, no matter the terrain.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure

The KTM Super Adventure is a great adventure touring motorcycle with a 1301 cc engine that delivers pure power on any surface.

With a range of selectable riding modes, this sports touring machine has advanced cornering and off-road ABS for handling rough terrain, with plenty of traction control for paved roads.

The comfortable seat of this model is ideal for long distance rides, whether on or off road.

Triumph Tiger

An updated version of the Tiger 800 XC, the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro offers the ultimate in off-road riding.

This motorcycle is optimised for off-road, with a dedicated off-road riding mode that eases the ABS and traction control. The 888 cc inline 3 engine is responsive to trails and smooth on roads.

The Triumph Tiger can go the distance off road, but is also packed for comfort for long days on the road with heated grips, multiple riding modes, cruise control and advanced cornering.

Similarly, when outfitting your four-wheeled adventure companion, enhancing its resilience with Toyota Tacoma bumpers at RCI Offroad can ensure it’s just as ready for the rugged trails as any dual-sport motorcycle.

Ideally, a real adventure motorcycle should be comfortable enough for long distance road trips, while also being capable of tackling dirt roads and rough terrain. To find the right motorcycle for your next adventure, come visit Harley Heaven.

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