Best Nintendo Wii Games And How To Play Them On A Computer


The Nintendo Wii console was released in 2006 but not to compete with other video game consoles-Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3.The console build-up was based on innovation, cost-effectiveness, highly responsive and motion-sensitive controllers, and functionality.The Nintendo Wii console featured compatibility that allowed players to play on severalNintendo accessories, GameCube game titles, multiplayer games, and in-built Wi-Fi.

The launch of the Nintendo Wii ushered a Nintendo era that allowed many players to download Nintendo game titles in ROM formats to their PCs or the Wii console.

Remarkable Nintendo Wii games

These include-Super Mario Galaxy,New Super Mario Bros Wii,Xenoblade Chronicles,Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Party 9, The Legend of Zelda- Skyward Sword, Mario Kart Wii, The Legend of Zelda- Twilight Princess, Ben 10 Omniverse 2,Dragon Ball Z- BudokaiTenkaichi 3, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, New Super Mario Bros Wii 2- The Next Levels, Metroid Prime-Trilogy,and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Nintendo Wii ROMs

Presently, you do not need a Wii console or a disc to enjoy Nintendo Wii games. You can download Nintendo Wii gamesonto your PC. You only need to download Nintendo Wii ROMs online. These are available on lots of sites.Just find the right online gaming site to find your favorite Nintendo Wii game. Once you have downloaded your game then saved it in a ROM file, you will be required to download an emulator which will enable you to play.

The emulator is a software that will imitate the file format play installed on your PC. Before you decide to downloadthe emulators, check their compatibility and what games can be played using which emulator.The usage of emulators is legal, but the distribution of ROMs of games that you do not own is considered illegal. Windows OS supports most of the available emulators.

The most compatible ones for Windows include;

  • Dolphin- Runs exceptionally well on most PCs and is the most stable with the capability to runsixth and seventh-generation consoles.
  • RetroArch- All-in-one Emulator.
  • SNES9X Emulator.
  • Emu Paradise Emulator.

Nintendo Wii ROMs

How to Play

  • Download and the emulator from the website- The latest version should do the work.
  • Run the emulator as it comes in as an install package and follow the commands, for example, choosing a language and license agreement.
  • On clicking Next, the installation will require you to choose what components you want to install. A program that uses code made using specific languages will require specific libraries to run correctly. This depends on how it is coded. Click Next.
  • You willnow be able to select the folder that you want the emulator installed into. Installing into the default folder may cause the emulator to run into writing issues. It is best to find a different folder or create a new one.You can have all your ROMs in one folder. Click Install. The installation will show the progress, and when complete, click Finish.
  • Start the emulator.
  • Point to the game’s directory. The emulator will want you to find which games you want to play, but you have to give the guide by clicking Configure.
  • Now clickon Paths from the pop-up window, followed by the Add button. Browse to your game’s directory. Click OK. Your games should appear for easy access. If you add any game with the emulator still running, click Refresh to detect the game. You can click play to see if the game runs, then the Esc button followed by the Yes button to end the emulation.
  • Configuring your controller- Click on the Controllers button, and from the pop-up window, click Configure. From the new window, click any button that you wish to toggle and the key you want it associated with. Save and Click OK. You have to configure because Wii gamesare playable using your gamepad or keyboard, but you will not be able to use motion control features.
  • Customization- It is optional to customize the controls.
  • Launch the game and enjoy your play.
  • Save your progress- Some emulators may have autosave features while others may not. Save your game progress anytime you stop the play to ensure that you pickup from where you left whenever you return to the game.

Nintendo has been in the market and has continually gained a competitive advantage from its game title varieties, some of which came with the Nintendo Wii launch.Nintendo Wii has also gained immense popularity among many gamers even with its discontinuation. There’s no doubt that Nintendo holds a very significant role in the video and computer gaming industry. And if you try to look back in history, it’s also Nintendo that saved the video game industry from completely collapsing in the late 80s and was a leader in 80s video game consoles.

While discs and hardwareare beginning to wear out, Nintendo Wii games are still playable on your PC from any location.With the above listed steps and a stable internet connection,Nintendo Wii ROMs will enable your gameplay in conjunction with an emulator.

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