Best Office Shoes For Men In 2022


Men have been working regularly in offices as compared to women for a very long time. The majority of men spend at least 8 hours a day in the office. Due to this, many men’s shoe manufacturers have started to focus more on office shoes for men as compared to other categories. This might seem like an advantage, but trust me, for a person with little to no knowledge about men’s footwear fashion, it might seem quite difficult when picking the right shoe. Thus if you fall into this category of men with no knowledge of men’s shoes, worry not, as in this article, we have covered some of the best office shoes for men. We have also tried our best in pointing out the differences between these shoes so that you shall know that even if they might look similar, each shoe serves different purposes and are best fitted for different outfits and occasions.

Things To Consider When Buying Office Shoes For Men

Since office shoes are meant to be worn 8 hours straight, there are a few points one must keep in mind while buying an office shoe. Here are those points.

Best Office Shoes For Men

With the above-mentioned points in mind, let us now look into some of the trending office shoes available in the market for men, that when paired with proper outfits, will definitely make you stand apart from your colleagues.

Nevertheless, you can find shoes that work for wide feet from top brands like New Balance online or ultraboost shoes mens. You just need to do your homework beforehand to find something that will work.  You can buy Birkenstocks online and adjust them using the buckles. Shoes with laces or Velcro straps are also good in that regard.


Similar to Dress Boots,Men’s Oxfords are also formal shoes. The only difference is that Oxfords have a slightly different look that many men prefer, and unlike Dress Boots, Oxfords itself have a few different types that range from casual to semi-formal to complete formal. If you are confused between Oxford Shoes and Dress Boots, I recommend you stick to Oxfords unless you attend numerous formal meetings every day. When buying Oxfords, make sure you look into Bruno Marc as they sell different types of Oxfords such as Classic Oxfords, Brogue Oxfords, and even Oxford Sneakers or anime shoes.

Penny Loafers

Ever since they were released, penny loafers have been famous among office going men. Back in the day, these shoes had tiny openings that were able to store a penny to be used as an emergency in coin booths, hence the name. Even though the coin booths have long disappeared, the popularity of these shoes remains the same. Penny loafers these days are one of the best semi-formal office shoes for men.  There’s no need to glue pennies to shoes anymore.


Moccasins are very similar to loafers in terms of looks. Since these shoes are semi-formal just like the loafers, the choice of clothing is similar too. But the one aspect these shoes differ when compared to loafers is that these shoes lack any heel support, whereas all loafers have at least 1cm of heel height. Thus, the ultimate choice between loafers and moccasins comes down to personal preference for heel height.   You can also consider Crocs shoes as well.


Though sneakers might not seem like a shoe for office wear, they are, when worn with proper outfits, one of the best casual office shoes available for men in the market. Additionally, when you buy sneakers from well-known sellers, you can sometimes come across varieties like Dress Sneakers, Fashion Sneakers, Oxford Sneakers, and many more, which are more suitable for office outfits as compared to Casual Sneakers.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are famous among both men and women. They are best suited for casual to semi-formal attires and occasions and are unique looking as well. If you tend to often wear jeans or cotton pants to the office and need something other than sneakers to match your clothes, ankle boots are your best option.  The picked 4 inches taller shoes need to be intended at bringing out the unique top qualities that will certainly make you surpass others at your job and also in social areas.  You can search chamaripa shoes on Google as well as buy the best elevator shoes.

To obtain even more from them, visit or search chamaripa shoes on Google.

Dress Boots

Dress boots, as the name suggests, are the most formal shoes on this list and hence, are best suited only for formal occasions and formal outfits like suits, blazers, and such. Though this might seem like a disadvantage, Dress Boots are a class apart compared to other shoes when it comes to formal attire. This alone makes sure that the shoe is still sold in the market and bought by many.

Monk Strap

Almost all the shoes mentioned in this article have a lace design on the front uppers. Thus if you need something like straps or buckles instead of laces that are good for office wear, then the Monk Strap shoes are just for you. But be warned though, due to their strap/buckle design, these shoes come off as casual and thus are only recommended to be matched with casual outfits.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best office shoe for men is the most comfortable one. And for comfort, make sure you consider the above points while buying your office shoe. As long as you buy your shoe from a trusted and reputed seller, you need not have to worry about comfort at all. Additionally, if you can spare the extra cash, buy both Dress Boots and Oxfords. You won’t regret it.


Quality always matters and should be your top priority when buying office shoes. A good quality shoe will last you a long time and also ensure you have an irritation free experience when your sweaty feet come in contact with the fabrics.


Due to 8 straight hours of office work, your feet will definitely start to sweat. Though you can’t fully prevent sweating, you can control them to an extent if you buy shoes that are breathable enough. Luckily all office shoes sold nowadays by reputed sellers are breathable. A less sweating shoe will also make sure that your feet are not easily affected by any infections.


Even if the quality of the fabric and the breathability of the shoe is perfect, you still won’t have a comfortable experience if the shoe doesn’t fit properly. The shoes you buy should neither be too tight nor too loose.

Office shoes are one of the most famous shoe categories among men. But with hundreds of products in this category, it can sometimes be overwhelming to pick the right footwear. Thus in this article, we have made sure to talk about the only shoes needed for an office-going man.


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