Best Pedal E-bike for Beginner Riding

From the first time bicycles were introduced into mainstream transportation, they have remained a popular means of transit. In time, electric bikes have added a new perspective to riding with the addition of features like the pedal-assist, electric motor, and battery. For commuters, e-bikes have provided a better riding experience, and it is convenient they have remained affordable. What better time to ride than now?

Electric bikes are not as complicated as they are generally perceived to be. For cyclists, you still have the trusty pedals you are used to. Switching to an e-bike from a traditional bike is easy and can be appreciated more. For beginners, the e-bike’s features make it easier to master riding and build confidence. This article provides information on the features to look for in a pedal e-bike best suited for a beginner. Keep reading to know more.

What to Expect in the Best Pedal E-bike for Beginners


The pedal-assist system is a feature provided in electric bicycles to give an extra edge to pedaling. Once engaged, the rider only has to begin pedaling for a sensor (cadence or torque) to relay information about the effort applied on the pedals to the e-bike motor. This prompts it to output enough power to provide balanced riding and acceleration. Without the pedal assist, it is easier for a beginner to get discouraged.

The pedal assist is a unique feature you should insist on if you are new to riding. Using it will give your riding a natural feel, unlike a moped that does not use pedals. This is because the pedal-assist feature can only be used while the rider is pedaling. The higher the assist level, the more support your riding gets from the pedal-assist system. Check out the KBO Breeze e-bike, which operates on 5 different assist levels.

Step-thru Option

The step-thru option is a feature you may not know about if your e-bike does not provide it. Step-thru frames are those built with the omission of the middle bar, a concept developed decades ago to provide better riding for women wearing skirts. Now, they are to cater to the riding needs of the public, being especially useful to the elderly and riders with mobility issues.

As a beginner, a step-thru e-bike is one you will be grateful for. It is not a common feature of many e-bikes, and your favorite brand may not have a step-thru option. A step-thru e-bike makes riding highly convenient, allowing you to get on or off your e-bike without bending it. You only step off and use the kickstand. The KBO Breeze offers a step-thru version with the same great features that make the original Breeze a perfect electric commuter bike.

Wider Tires

As a beginner, you are essentially looking for an e-bike with wider tires. Try to avoid the slender tires prevalent among traditional bikes. Your riding is only going to get better if you can maintain a level of confidence. Traditional bicycles and regular e-bikes can provide some excellent traction. However, a fat-tire e-bike will not only give more grip and traction, but it will also provide more balance and stability during rides.

Quality is important, but the stability of wider tires will provide a better riding experience for beginners than an assurance of quality. Fat tires are better for enjoying a smooth ride on rough roads. As you seek quality, ensure it will adequately meet your specific needs as a beginner. The KBO Breeze, for example, is equipped with puncture-resistant 27.5″ × 2.4″ tires, a wider side than is common for most e-bikes.

Extra Features

Everybody loves extra features, whether in a smartphone, a car, or an e-bike. As a beginner, you need an e-bike with many options for you to customize to your taste. Unlike a traditional bike that allows you to customize the external features, an electric bike provides customization for more ways to have control over your riding. The pedal assist, for example, can be customized for the level of effort you wish to apply on rides.

Extra features are perfect in an e-bike for beginners because it helps to retain interest. An electric bike provides extra features like an LCD display and intelligent pedal assist. Purchasing the KBO Breeze gets you more, including a free extra-large rear rack, full aluminum fenders, and other features you can enjoy and detach at will to suit your current riding conditions. As you ride more, you add even more features to serve your purposes.

Easy Assembly

After ensuring the e-bike you are purchasing will suit your specific riding requirements, it may arrive at your doorstep and require that you assemble it yourself. You can save yourself a lot of stress if you ensure to order an e-bike that is easy to assemble. Shopping on the internet allows you to place a specific order, checking every feature to ensure it is in line with what you need in an e-bike.

The better part is you save time and money on an easy-to-assemble e-bike ordered online. This is because you can get a better price from a manufacturer with other options than displaying their products physically. KBO offers customers an e-bike that can be assembled by beginners with simple instructions for putting the components together. Check our reviews and videos online to see what our customers are saying.

Easy Assembly


Electric bikes provide a range of features to offer more convenient rides. These same features make e-bikes perfect for beginners. Features like the pedal assist, step-thru option, wider tires, and other accessibility features will be enjoyed by beginners. With these features installed, you can embark safely on rides as a beginner and begin enjoying the benefits of riding an e-bike.

Ensure to check out e-bikes with features that can suit your requirements as a beginner, like the KBO Breeze. This e-bike combines high-quality manufacturing with some of the outstanding features electric bicycles are known for to give beginners and professional cyclists a pleasant riding experience. If you intend to embark on a worthwhile adventure, the KBO Breeze is the perfect e-bike.