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The stock photography game is rapidly growing in popularity, going as far as to become top choice of secondary income for artists and enthusiasts alike. It should come as no surprise that demand for stock photo and video content has gone absolutely through the roof in recent years either, as hiring a photographer for every single project can be costly, inconvenient, and is mostly considered a luxury anyway. Alternatively for the artist, selling photos online can be far more profitable, as a vast majority of businesses rely on different online platforms where visual content is automatically licensed. But with that much demand, content labeled as ‘authentic’ is growing scarce, as more and more creators face difficulties supplying such content to licensing platforms or marketplaces.

This is where a platform by the name of Wirestock comes in. Eliminating all the manual legwork that usually comes with selling images, videos, and graphic work online, the platform urges its creators to instead focus on what they do best—creating. Through one-door access to the largest and most popular photo stock marketplaces out there (Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Pond5 among the most coveted), Wirestock makes sure a creator’s journey to profit is as seamless as can be.

Starting Out

If you’re someone who likes creating, you should be using Wirestock; plain and simple. Millions of people visually document their lives online, creating memories and snapping shots that usually end up either on their Instagram feeds or stored somewhere in the Cloud; these people are usually completely unaware that sitting in those folders is content that can potentially become means for passive income.

The photos you take, the footage you capture, and hobbies you document can all qualify as stock content; and the way to find out for sure is by starting to use Wirestock. There’s no need to be an expert in any particular field either; creativity is what truly matters with Wirestock.

Wirestock Makes a Creator’s Life Easy

Usually, to be able to sell footages online, you’d have to scour the web for marketplaces, take your pick among a slew, sign up individually on each platform, fill out extensive forms, submit your work, come up with metadata (keywording, captioning, etc.), and wait…That’s quite a lot of things to do!

Wirestock recognizes that selling on an array of stock content marketplaces, is a tedious process requiring considerable time, focus, and knowledge of industry specifics. And even if you’ve done the necessary research, a lot of times you’ll still be wondering if you made the right choice.

But on Wirestock, instead of opening accounts on each and every site, a creator can simply open one account and submit all their images to the largest marketplaces all at once; hence the one-door access we mentioned in the introduction. If you wish to opt out certain marketplaces for whatever reason, you are free to do so. The bottom line with this platform is that the choice of a marketplace (and consequently questioning if you’ve made the right choice) is not something you’d have to worry about.

No Need to Worry About Keywords and Captions

Usually, the way you go about captioning and keywording your photos is by accurately wording what’s depicted in them—this is done so that consumers have a seamless way of finding whatever they’re looking for. And while this does not sound too daunting on the surface, there are millions of people who may not be too fond of writing, don’t have enough time, or don’t speak English fluently. The possibilities are indeed endless, but the good news is none of it matters when it comes to Wirestock.

One of the platform’s biggest draws is the fact that it automates the whole keywording and captioning process. With a team of metadata experts based all over the world ensuring quality no matter where you shoot your content, the whole process becomes a matter of seconds. You simply post your photo, select ‘Easy Submission’, and both keywording and captioning are taken right off your hands.

A Sweet Referral Program

And finally, Wirestock has another way of rewarding its creators through a wonderful referral program. By inviting fellow creators to join the platform, you have the chance of earning 10% of all their paid royalties throughout the scope of one full year. You can also check how many total creators have joined via your referral link and how much revenue you have generated as a result.



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