Best Portable Saunas of 2023


People in Finland have known about the health benefits of sauna use for thousands of years, but it’s only recently that the rest of the world has begun to catch on. In addition to relieving stress, regular sauna use can also help to prevent high blood pressure and associated pulmonary diseases, relieve arthritis, and even promote healthy weight loss.

Many people have been taking advantage of the many benefits of heat therapy by installing home infrared saunas, but that’s not the right solution for everyone. For renters, frequent travelers, and homeowners on tight budgets, a portable sauna may be the better solution. Read on to find out about the best portable sauna models for 2023 before buying one to make a more informed decision.

Types of Portable Saunas

The first thing to consider when choosing a portable sauna is which type to buy. There are three general categories of portable saunas:

  1. Tent saunas.
  2. Sauna blankets.
  3. Towable saunas.

For most people, the best option is a tent sauna. These products are far more versatile than either sauna blankets or towable models. Most are infrared saunas, too, which means there’s no need to worry about water damage to the home as a result of using portable tent saunas indoors.

What Features to Look For

Even within the same general category, every portable sauna has a different set of benefits and drawbacks to consider. The first thing most people consider is price, which makes sense given that budget is likely to be the most serious limiting factor. Once buyers have determined a budget, they’ll need to know what else to look for.

Low EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation refers to energy waves that have low frequencies of 300 hertz or lower, which is equivalent to three milligauss in more direct measurements. Zero EMF infrared saunas do not exist, but models that emit lower levels of EMF radiation are generally considered safer to use by those in the health and wellness community.

The Right Style

There are several types of portable tent saunas, none of which is inherently better than another. Some are tall enough for people to stand in, while others are designed only for seated use. Portable saunas are designed for use by just one person at a time, so height and weight tend to be the limiting factors. For those who have trouble sitting for long periods, lay-down portable saunas are also available.

Ease of Use

Portable saunas need to be easy to set up and tear down. Try to check the user manual before purchase to see if the instructions look reasonable and easy to follow or watch a video review or two before placing an order.

Top Contenders for Best Portable Saunas of 2023

Top Contenders for Best Portable Saunas of 2023

While there are many portable sauna models out there, most do not meet the basic criteria listed above. Health and wellness enthusiasts can wind up doing more harm than good by purchasing portable saunas that emit unsafe levels of EMF radiation, and it makes little sense for most people to invest in a portable sauna that costs more than having one permanently installed at home. With those things in mind, buyers may want to check out:

1. Durherm Low EMF Portable Sauna

Of all the portable saunas available, the Durherm Low EMF Portable Sauna offers arguably the best value for the money. It costs significantly less than a permanent wooden infrared sauna but is still made from high-quality materials and has the lowest EMF ratings in its class.

2. Relax Infrared Sauna

The Relax Infrared Sauna is also a low-EMF option. Because it concentrates the radiation closer to the user’s feet than to their head, it offers further protection to vital organs. The only problem is that, for the price of this company’s highest-rated saunas, buyers could invest in a permanent home sauna instead. In other words, it’s not a good option for people on strict budgets.

3. Blue Wave Radiant Sauna

The Radiant Sauna by Blue Wave makes this list primarily by virtue of its low price. While it can’t compare to the other options on this list in terms of product quality or low EMF levels, if cost is the biggest concern, it’s still a good option.

Why Not Upgrade?

For those who have it in the budget, even entry- to mid-level home saunas are a better option than portable alternatives. Portable saunas are only recommended for those who can’t use regular, wooden infrared saunas. Otherwise, it’s worth spending some extra money to scale up to a larger, permanent model for improved comfort and durability.

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