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Electronic parts are mounted on PCBs to attach the circuit and work as they’re designed. PCB ONLINE provides PCB components to be used for PCBA (PCB assembly) as a district of our EMS services. printed circuit components are often classified as active components and passive components. you’ll deliver your BOM (Bill of Materials) to order components from us. regardless of what components you want, in no matter quantity, you can obtain from PCBONLINE at cheap costs with traceable quality.

Why select Electronic parts from PCBONLINE

  • we’ve got ready-to-use spick-and-span components of 30,000 to 50,000 models to keep in our warehouse to deliver fast.
  • we tend to design our own category 100,000 warehouse that’s dust-free and anti-static with an area of constant temperature and humidity to store parts. review of temperature and humidity happens thrice every day.
  • we tend to get authorization to supply electronic parts from many well-known electronic component manufacturers, and that we offer high-quality OEM parts.
  • we tend to adopt sensible electronic shelf digital management and take the primary in, first out repositing method.
  • If you have got PCBs assembled at PCBONLINE, inspections of temperature, humidity, and static to electronic components are meted out before assembly.
  • we tend to support small-batch component sourcing inquiries to satisfy your example necessities of multiple parts and their models.
  • provide} a one-stop EMS service since 1999 to assist customers from schematics to box-built products, together with PCB manufacturing, PCB bonding, and components sourcing.

PCBA Testing and Shell Assembly

  • we tend to check the practicality (FCT) of PCBA to confirm product quality.
  • Our assembly quality is additionally ensured by 1st article review and 3D-scanning AOI.
  • Our reflow soldering ovens can method each nonleaded and lead-containing soldering.
  • we will mount electronic components on one facet and double sides of advanced circuit boards.
  • we tend to check your BOM fastidiously before assembly and offer free DFM/DFX.
  • we tend to manufacture and assemble PCBs from prototypes to mass production.

Overview of Consigned PCB Assembly

  • PCBONLINE provides each partial and full consigned PCB assembly service. whether or not you have got a little of elements and vacant PCB, or all of the parts and PCB, as long as you wish PCB assembly service, PCBONLINE is your trustworthy complicated consigned PCB assembler.
  • The consigned assembly allows you to distribute the work and keep your own producing facility, and it’s quite common within the electronic world now.