Best Renovation Ideas for Old Homes


Some people choose to live in old homes or properties for their charm, architecturally pleasing example, historical relevance and sense of community. But these houses have come with a lot of built-up soot, dust and grime over time. These homes may be falling into disrepair or have been damaged by fire and neglect.

There are several renovation ideas you can employ to make an old house into a beautiful home again – and these renovation ideas will help you transform any property that has seen better days. From key renovations to overhauls like complete home renovations, there’s a lot you can do to get an older home back in play, as long you rely on home renovation companies. Still, some options exist for DIYers. This article will discuss both.

Remove All Traces Of Soot, Grime, & Dust

First things first. Then you can start looking at the design ideas. A thorough cleansing is required before any renovation work in order to avoid any further damage later on. The best way to get rid of all traces of soot and dust is by shop vacuuming everything. In winter, you can air the place out to let the rest out, so this will also help with cleaning.

Cleaning & Making A New Floor

You can remove old flooring and replace it. To do this, you might want to try a heat gun or hair blower. You can purchase or borrow one for this purpose from a nearby DIY store. Heat guns are very useful for removing old flooring, and the best part is that it shouldn’t damage the subfloor. On the other hand, professional flooring can make for an ideal replacement that will vastly improve the value of the property.


 Add a Front Door

Installing a new front door is a great idea. There are several door style and material options available, and you can get it done by a renovator or exterior worker. You can also choose to do it yourself, but for larger, more impressive doors, there’s more that goes into things.

Gas or Electric Fireplaces

Replacing the old fireplace with new and efficient fireplaces is a great idea, especially if you like spending time in the living room and kitchen. They come in different sizes and types; you can choose a fireplace insert as it is cost-effective. This will help you reduce the amount of soot in your home, that older homes can get slowly damaged over time. Licensed home renovators often have plumbing certifications or reliable subcontractors who can make this a safe transition.

Drywall or Plastering & Painting

Wallpaper is not the most durable choice for insulation; if you have an old house, it could be that some parts of the wall are damaged by water or soot damage. Sometimes, the wall can get damp, which means that there are cracks and water leaks everywhere. Installing drywall or plastering is a great idea and even gives you the option to remodel the space into something new. But before you start this project, you need to make sure that there is no water damage and get an inspection done by a renovation company.

 Install New Windows

Replacing old windows will let in more sunlight, and it will save you on your heating and electric bills in the long run. With double pane windows, you can also reduce noise from outside and even increase your indoor comfort level. It’s a good renovation idea for those who have old homes – especially the ones with drafty or thin walls or aging HVAC systems.

Install New Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of a kitchen, and they can be easily replaced or updated. You don’t need to remove them from their places; you can simply remove the doors and drawers and replace them with new ones. It’s a great way to update your kitchen for less money and effort. If you don’t have the time or skill for this project, you can hire a carpenter to help you with the renovation project of kitchens while leaving major appliances out of the picture. Still, a full kitchen renovation can do wonders.

Bathroom Mini-Makeover

A new bathroom sink can be an elegant addition to your home, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. You can replace your old bathroom sink with a simple and functional sink that will boost the look of the entire room as well. It’s another great renovation idea for those with an old house – especially if it has an outdated or broken bathroom set-up. Nevertheless, a full bathroom renovation can really breathe life into an old home.

The choice of renovating an old house depends on what you plan to do with that home. If you plan to use it as your main residence, a renovation may suit your needs. However, if you plan to rent it out to young professionals and students or turn it into a rental property – renovating is a must. But before actually doing anything, you need to make sure that you have all the permits and proper building codes taken care of. In the last case, you’ll have to hire home renovation companies and a contractor to assist you and make it a much more streamlined process.

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